Edge computing security systems and IoT devices

Advancing Edge Computing: Security Practices for Distributed Networks

Ever since COVID, businesses have relied on a virtual landscape rather than an office. As a result, companies tend to rely heavily on communicating, sharing data, and collaborating on projects all online. While this seems efficient and extremely effective, it can bring its own challenges. Remote workers and companies can face tons of sophisticated threats and put all their data at stake. To protect your information from cyber-network dangers, read more on how to safeguard it.

Maintain Up-to-Date Software

Viruses tend to evolve over time, so if your software program used to be able to block specific unauthorized users from accessing your data, it may not be able to in most recent times because the virus has familiarized itself with the software already. Consistently updating, installing, and combatting is a great first step in protecting a company’s data, especially with the use of IoT devices within organizations. IoT devices are becoming increasingly more common and are a great asset to organizations, but can also pose a security threat. They often go unmanaged and can be sure targets for hackers to access and compromise an edge security computing system. So how can businesses use IoT devices without worrying about cyberattacks? Fognigma is here to help you understand.

Edge Computing Security Challenges of IoT Devices

IoT devices are usually set up to where they are connected directly to a company’s network. They are often overlooked and unmanaged, so knowing what kind of IoT devices you have is incredibly important. IoT devices can be different operating systems, hardware, firmware, or other cyber technology in the use of communication and storing data. If unregulated, these devices are known to have vulnerabilities, and if it’s unencrypted, they are very vulnerable to high-level cyber-attacks.

Cybercriminals often use IoT devices to exploit vulnerabilities and attack communication systems. These can include VoIP phones, video software, text messaging, and even office printers. Anything you can think of is now prime real estate for infiltration. As a result, businesses can face the fact that IoT devices have risks, and if they don’t implement trustworthy edge computing security policies, then there could be huge risks involved.

Fognigma’s Solution: Securing Edge Computing Networks

Don’t fret, Fognigma is here to help you address any concern or challenge you see posed by IoT devices in online networks. Here are some great features Fognigma can provide in providing a robust defense against potential threats:

  1. Device Discovery and Visibility: Fognigma’s platform automatically discovers and catalogs all IoT devices connected to the network, providing complete visibility and control over the edge computing environment.
  2. Behavioral Analysis: By continuously monitoring device behavior, Fognigma’s solution can detect anomalies and potential threats in real time, enabling swift remediation.
  3. Micro-Segmentation: Fognigma enables granular segmentation of IoT devices, isolating them from critical network resources and limiting the potential impact of a breach.
  4. Encryption and Authentication: The data is through IoT devices that have some sort of protective encryption and then we test those devices before granting network access.
  5. Centralized Management: Fognigma provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire edge computing environment, simplifying management and reducing the burden on IT teams.

Without having to completely start from scratch, Fognigma is able to provide all these services while business carries on as usual. This approach can significantly reduce the risk of attacks from hacking users and networks stay strong without the risk.

What IoT devices are the most at risk for hacking?

Knowing what kind of devices are at risk by hackers is a sure way to take the first step in protecting your data. The most at-risk IoT device is obviously a computer, but other things like a printer or VOIP system are up there as well. It’s surprising because most people would think computers are the only thing that anyone would need to hack to access information, but believe it or not, IoT devices like telephony or printers can contain the same if not more of an amount of sensitive information a computer can. So, make sure to apply all your safety precautions to all your devices.

Is a phone an IoT device?

Yes, a phone can be an IoT device. IoT devices are devices that can do the “Internet of Things.” So, if your phone, laptop, or computer can access the internet, more than likely, it’s an IoT device. It’s super important for companies to not only protect their computers but other IoT devices like this from hacks because they are just as easy to attack. They also can contain sensitive data. So don’t forget to include these types of devices when you’re thinking about upgrading your edge computing security.


IoT devices are extremely important, and especially after COVID-19, most businesses rely on virtual communication and connectivity more than the latter. By knowing how to protect your data and working with trustworthy companies like Fognigma, you can make sure there’s never a cyber attack again.

company communications

What Does ‘Covert Communications’ Actually Mean?

Data breaches are an everyday occurrence in this digital age. Covert communications have become more critical than ever before. What exactly is covert communication, and how does it work?

Covert communication refers to any form of deliberately hidden or disguised communication to avoid detection from unauthorized users or parties. Read more about its benefits in your company’s software and what to look out for.

The Essence of Covert Communication

meeting communications

Covert communications are one of the foundational aspects of cyber security. Protect the way your employees communicate with a physical layer security system or program. Online marketing companies and remote work environments use this as a safety method to maintain privacy over shared content.

Fognigma is a company you can trust. We offer services that ensure all your conversations, video calls, phone calls, messaging, and more remain confidential.

Employees may think that messaging or talking on the phone is not easy to hack into from an outside source. Wireless communications can transmit quickly by the wrong users without a physical layer security software installed. People on the dark web are skilled at infiltrating into covert communication of any kind. Hiding information has become more serious than ever.

We offer solutions for voice, video, chat, and messaging to safeguard your company’s information from external threats and interceptions. Our team installs covert code and safety systems that make it difficult for someone on the dark web to intercept the data.

Secure Video Conferencing

You should not have to worry about someone infiltrating your video conference and accessing your company’s information. Teleconferencing is extremely common since remote work took center stage, so having a secure management solution is a high priority. Covert communication across video conferencing tools gives a company low chances that someone can detect your information methods. Fognigma offers end-to-end encryption services and systems to help identify eavesdropping of any kind.

Secure Telephone with Holler

Holler is a great telephony system that Fognigma uses repeatedly with wireless communications. If you work for the government, you use the phone quite often. Holler can allow top level monitoring with a direct response to unauthorized parties listening in. Encrypting phone calls and rendering conversations are two ways that Holler does this.

Our signal processing services can give an added capability to protect data, systems, and more on all communication tools. Compromising covert communication will not happen on your next client phone call.

Encrypted Chat Messaging with Wireless Communications

Chat messaging can surprisingly also be a victim of cyber hacking with covert code in place. Covert communication like this is an extremely important thing to have installed. Fognigma provides safety messaging services to make sure files and data automatically go through encryption. As a result, the company’s entire network can only be accessible to authorized individuals.

Military companies use chat wireless communications daily. To protect this type of covert communication, Fognigma offers strategic methods and services like signal processing, infiltration detection, and other cybersecurity techniques.

Target Audience and Implementation

business communications

Covert communication is more important than ever, especially having a business primarily on the internet. If an online marketing business is in a remote work environment, having covert communications in place is extremely important. Cybersecurity professionals can benefit from protecting their plans as well as remote workers and their higher ups.

You should not have to worry about someone listening to your wireless communications. Digital snooping techniques can be hard to identify at first. With the help of Fognigma, workers can speak confidentially without their data going to competitors or hackers.

How important is covert communication in the online marketing world?

In government, companies talk to clients quite a bit, as well as their coworkers. Because of this, covert communications are essential. Military companies constantly deal with sensitive data. They may share that information with tools and systems that do not have proper protection.

Fognigma has access to services that can help with signal processing, covert code, artificial noise, and covert communication. When an employee wants to use a chat or video call, their devices will not be at risk for hacking.

Fognigma: The Professional of Covert Communications for Digital Marketing and More

Whether you are in marketing, finance, or even something as specific as energy, covert communication is a must. Fognigma’s solutions deliver covert communications via a suite of tools that protect data and information without manual configuration steps. Companies can now have a peace of mind to communicate effectively without their business being susceptible to hacking schemes. In the remote work industry, solutions offered by Fognigma can help an organization avoid the next data breach scandal.

In an era where digital footprints are constantly under scrutiny, having access to covert communication is a necessity. By leveraging advanced communication solutions like those from Fognigma, entities can secure their communications infrastructure smartly and covertly. Covert Communications and Secure Telephony are not just buzzwords but the pillars of modern organizational resilience.We live in a world where the invisible threads of communication form the backbone of successful enterprises. Make sure your communication is unseen, unheard, and untouchable with Fognigma. Visit our website for more information about our service offerings.

Employee in back office operations working.

Encrypted Collaboration Tools & Their Benefits

Cyber threats are looming around every corner in today’s remote work landscape. Something as minor as clicking a link can destroy any safety net that was in place and leave a company’s data vulnerable to unauthorized users. To safeguard one’s communications, encrypted collaboration programs and services play a huge part in securing any information.

Secure collaboration tools are a necessity for remote work and efficient project management. Fognigma is prepared to help. Read more about how encrypted communication can provide a ton of benefits, as well as keeping privacy and confidentiality.

Secure Your Conversations with Fognigma

Lock on keyboard indicating security policies.

Employees should not worry about hacking risks when they send an email or want to discuss a meeting. Fognigma knows how important it is to have all communication confidential, no matter the subject. Our network can help employees deploy end-to-end encryption through tools that we design for the highest security. Messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, project management, and telephony have higher protection through security features.

A Private Network That Keeps You Invisible

An organization’s network should be private; however, outsiders make it their mission to access the infrastructure. With secure collaboration tools, that infrastructure will not have to face data loss. A secure collaboration software can rebuild or provide additional security. Once you erase a digital footprint, there will be no trace.

Flexible Deployments for Optimal Integration

Network solutions exist that can take data or team members’ information to a private cloud. This is all thanks to our hybrid provisioning system. This flexibility helps clients avoid vendor lock-in and choose the best integration security features. We can also access file sharing or user data protection with unique efficiency.

When using a secure collaboration tool you will see that simple things are private and safe from hacking risks. This goes for things like messaging on Microsoft Teams or putting in a password through a two factor authentication system.

Military-Grade Secure Collaboration Tools for Any Scenario

Computer software that can encrypt data.

What is better than military-grade security? Fognigma has secure collaboration tools that demand security features for remote workers to access user and enterprise data safely. These collaboration tools and services can provide an unmatched level of anonymity on a secure collaboration platform.

These tools eliminate the ability of unauthorized people to trace calls, get into slack enterprise key management data, and access file sharing. A company with these types of security features has the protection of robust firewalls, two-factor authentication, and more. Online meetings within Fognigma secure video conferencing will now have protection through covert communication.

Bespoke Security Features for Diverse Requirements

No matter what size your organization is, whether it be a small, classified agency or a database company, Fognigma is ready to help monitor security. Your stored data has protection through secure collaboration tools that can integrate seamlessly into third-party applications and platforms.

Our project management team can help guide you through zero-trust security protocols, data loss prevention, how to have secure collaboration, a centralized logging system, and more. This is all to do with ensuring there is cohesive protection in place for your team members.

Tailored Integrations for Your End to End Encryption Operations

The needs of each company are unique. Having specific collaboration tools in place can result in smoother operations. Our technical team members offer training on security protocols and can explain how to make sure everyone is using the secure collaboration tools correctly. With the internet presenting an abundance of threats, it is imperative to prioritize security to protect your communication.

What is the biggest barrier to secure collaboration?

At home employee working with sensitive information on laptop.

The biggest barrier to secure collaboration is the lack of awareness and understanding of cybersecurity risks. Employees throughout an organization should receive reminders about what secure collaboration tool is best and how to use the same security protocols that team members at Fognigma practice.

Oftentimes, a cyber threat becomes a hack because employees click a link they do not recognize or respond to an email from someone they do not know. Educating employees on common phishing tactics and the importance of using a secure collaboration platform can reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Security measures through project management or a secure collaboration software can be complex and inconvenient; this can deter organizations from upgrading their systems. It is important to take time to invest into Fognigma’s secure collaboration tools, as cybersecurity is not something to ignore. With these online collaboration tools, you can have secure file sharing, protected task management, control access, and more. This extra layer of security is worth it.


Secure collaboration tools, such as Fognigma, fight against vulnerabilities to secure networks and protect sensitive communications. We live in a world where something as simple as project management can have hacking risks, and all the information from that can be visible to other unauthorized users. Whether it is messaging, video calls, file transfers, or telephony, these security controls are essential in maintaining protection against threats.

For anyone looking for the perfect blend of communication freedom and stringent security, Fognigma offers a solution to collaborate securely that can exceed expectations. Step into the future of secure communications with Fognigma – where every conversation has protection from prying eyes and every data transfer offers prevention against a security risk.


Enhancing Network Security: Solutions for Today’s Cyber Threats

Online threats happen every day and are constantly evolving. It’s hard to be aware of what might be a cyber threat or a simple spam email, so knowing the levels of network security solutions that can be applied to your business is important. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in their ways, and network security solutions can help protect your network in more ways than one. A potential breach is a company’s worst nightmare. Make sure it doesn’t become a reality.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as One of Many Network Security Solutions

Many people find multi-factor authentication (MFA) annoying, but it’s one of the simplest, most effective ways to enhance online network security solutions. MFA is primarily used when two or more verification factors are needed to gain access to a network. A simple password is not enough. This added layer of cyber security can help keep away unauthorized users from getting into your data and gaining access.

Utilizing Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Another great thing to do to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic in your online traffic is to invest in Next-Generation Firewalls. NGFWs are mainly used to figure out what is causing an intrusion in your data and how to prevent it. It can be done by being a cloud-delivered threat intelligence that fights against brute force attacks and other emerging threats. Advanced malware can have extended detection, along with other potential network security breaches.

Updating and Patching Software Systems

It’s always a good thing to update your software system from time to time. Once you keep your software and operating systems up to date, you can be one step closer to securing your network entirely. Have your IT team make regular updates, patches, and network security releases to ensure your system is always as secure as possible. By staying vigilant with your patch management program, you can significantly lower the risk of successful exploits.

Military Encrypted Phone Services

Recently, there has been an increase in businesses’ use of military-grade encrypted phone services. These services offer end-to-end encryption for all communications, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept and decipher sensitive information. This added layer of network security can be crucial in protecting confidential business data from cybercriminals. Fognigma has grade-a military encrypted phone services and solutions you can trust.

Application Security Solutions

Any sort of application or program companies are not as safe as one might think with security products. Threat actors can hack into any sort of email service providers or other app networks to get access to data and technology. It’s up to companies like Fognigma to offer solutions on protecting both web and mobile applications from threats. These types of endpoint security solutions can prevent attacks as well as monitor malicious activity.

Zero Trust Solution Providers

One of the emerging and most reliable approaches to network security is the zero trust model. This model ensures all users, whether internal or external, are not automatically trusted and must prove their authenticity before accessing any network resources. Many solution providers offer zero-trust solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. Consider incorporating a zero-trust model into your company’s network security strategy for enhanced protection against online and external threats.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Access (ZTNA) is a cloud-based approach that verifies and validates users and devices before allowing them secure access to the network. It’s one of the most proactive ways to prevent unauthorized access and protect against data breaches.

ZTNA ensures secure connectivity for all devices, whether they are company-issued or personal, making it an ideal solution for remote and hybrid work environments. It also enables granular access management and control, minimizing the risk of lateral movement in case of a breach.

Zero Trust Endpoint Network Security

Endpoints are often the most vulnerable entry points for cybercriminals looking to gain access to company networks. Zero Trust Endpoint cyber Security takes a proactive approach by continuously monitoring and verifying endpoints, ensuring they meet network security solutions standards before granting network access. This helps prevent malicious attacks from compromising sensitive data loss prevention and ensures all devices are up to date with the latest cloud security patches.

Conducting Security Audits and Penetration Testing

Having your IT team or Fognigma regularly do security audits and testing is a sure way to keep your network in tact. Think of these as like a practice drill for your security team and with these audits can help uncover weaknesses or vulnerabilities you hadn’t seen before. This is a great way to put extra layers of protection in place so that you can’t be blindsided. Treat these testing and audit exercises seriously otherwise your network defenses are at risk as well as your data.


In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses must prioritize network security to protect against online threats. Implementing multi-factor authentication, utilizing next-generation firewalls, regularly updating software and intrusion prevention systems, and incorporating zero-trust solutions are just a few ways to make your email security, and company network protected.

For a business looking to stay one step ahead of online hacks, Fognigma, a cybersecurity company, offers innovative solutions built to secure your network infrastructure. Our tools are designed to keep up with the dynamics of cybersecurity, and we’re committed to providing the protection your organization needs. Don’t let your guard down – enhance your network security with Fognigma today!


A group of remote workers and/or team members in modern workplaces.

The Top Encrypted Collaboration Tool for Secure Teamwork

Remote working is now a norm and being a remote employee is more than just working from home. Employees now have access to the company’s data and information in the privacy of their personal space. This can be a little scary, considering that data security risks or breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more common.

Companies must prioritize the safety of their data as well as their employees’ privacy. This is where secure collaboration tools have become essential to remote work. Employers want their teams to communicate with a level of security protocols to avoid security risks from hacking. Read more on why you should choose cloud-based solutions and how Fognigma can be a first choice in companies that provide secure teamwork.

Have Remote Workers Work Without Borders

A group of remote workers and/or team members in modern workplaces.

Imagine that you have a company that employs people all over the world. A modern workplace should be able to communicate across different countries, states, and cities. Covert communication software programs like Speakeasy are great ways to have employees connect in real time.

Communicating no matter where you are is great for sharing ideas, holding meetings, talking logistics, and more. The working without borders approach has become bigger than ever. Technology should support this whether they are working five minutes away or halfway across the globe.

Access Projects Anytime, Anywhere with Cloud Communication Software

video conference security

Considering that your workforce can work from anywhere, they should also be able to access their projects at any time.

As long as there is an internet connection, cloud software allows employees to work on a task regardless of the time or device. This can increase completion times, responsiveness, and overall better work. In remote work, team members crave flexibility and freedom to set their work hours. By providing this, companies can create a more content workforce.

Make Cloud Collaboration a Cost-Saving Initiative

A company should always be interested in how a program or service can be cost-saving. Luckily, software solutions like Fognigma are financially savvy and are great for securing your business’s information.

Becoming more online rather than needing a physical infrastructure is cost-saving on its own. You reduce the need for overhead costs as well as travel expenses and more. Virtual meeting capabilities are becoming more and more preferred. It can also help reduce the need to fly someone out to meet with a client or partner, saving on travel expenses.

Enhance Data Security with Cloud Communication Platforms

The most important thing when working with covert communication tools is to keep your data safe. Discussions about work schedules or metrics are confidential and in need of protection. Fognigma uses these programs to help safeguard data and other confidential information to prevent potential breaches.

Customize Your Business with Full Scalability

Freedom and flexibility in your business environment can make your employees content and produce amazing work. This entails the advantage of scalability. You can adjust your usage based on current needs and then scale up or down accordingly, which can help with efficiency and resource management.

Other Ways to Be Safe Online

When working remotely, there are different ways to safely handle project management. Think about doing weekly vulnerability scans, using a VOIP provider, or having video conferences instead of text messaging. These are all simple ways to change your daily work habits to something more protected while you work remotely.

Modern workplaces have so many new features and technology that it is hard to keep up. When you share files, you do not want to be concerned about someone hacking into them. This is where a top security company like Fognigma can help with safer remote work.

Potential Security Risks A Business Can Face Today

When a company or business is remote working, there are tens of thousands of security risks employees could face. Without a secure collaboration platform, sensitive information could be breached. As a result, they may also see strangers getting access management to personal devices.

Ensure that your team is actively learning about security awareness training. This way they will know the proper way to incorporate collaboration tools most safely. Also, annual data breach tests can help maintain security and minimize risks overall. Ask your security teams to install multi-factor authentication on a remote access level so that collaboration tools are safer from potential threats.

When Did Remote Work Start Getting Popular?

A globe wearing a mask to demonstrate communications that were disrupted during COVID19.

Remote work has always been around but it became popular around 2020 when COVID happened. Most workers ended up working from home out of safety from being around other individuals. This is when secure collaboration tools like Speakeasy became essential programs.

Security protocols also became more important than ever. Being able to access management and personal and business information in your home can be risky. Hackers can get into personal devices and business systems if security, such as multi-factor authentication, is not in place. Large and small businesses all over the world were monitoring and focusing on their security more than ever.

Where can Security Services Help?

This is where Fognigma can help safeguard your systems from unknown users. If you do not want to risk your information being an organization’s asset, contact our reliable security team.

Fognigma – The Pioneer of Secure Teamwork on a Cloud Communication Platform

If you are considering taking your online network to more secure heights, Fognigma is a company to consider. We work with organizations that cannot afford to take a risk in data breaches. We have software to ensure their network is as secure as possible.

Whether it is a small business or large, we provide software solutions for any size environment. There are protected solutions for home networks, online meetings, video calls, project management, and more in a secure remote work environment.

We use a zero-trust system with encrypted collaboration tools to save time in monitoring for potential breaches. Our services are more than just adding multi-factor authentication. We ensure that unknown users are not accessing your organization’s information.


The need for secure collaboration tools is clear and present. Security solutions offered by Fognigma emerge as crucial assets for businesses and many users. They are the linchpins in building a robust, secure, and flexible collaborative environment.

If your organization or organizations need help in security or a protected way of communication, reach out to us. We can implement our services for all devices, phone numbers, outdated systems, and more.

Visit Fognigma.com to learn more about our encrypted communication solutions. Our services can empower your team with secure, scalable, and secure collaboration tools.

Effective network security solutions for intrusion prevention systems. Zero trust network access to prevent data breaches. Improve the company network security measures with our network security solutions.

Cost vs. Value: Assessing the ROI of Network Security Solutions

Effective network security solutions for intrusion prevention systems. Zero trust network access to prevent data breaches. Improve the company network security measures with our network security solutions. Corporate network policies are becoming more and more important for businesses around the world. Every day, a new and more sophisticated cyber attack can lead to catastrophic losses if carried out successfully. But how can one be sure they are investing in the right email security? This blog post will discuss how the return on investment (ROI) works regarding network security solutions Houston. Read on for more.

Understanding ROI in Security

ROI is used to measure or evaluate the effectiveness of an investment. This conversation is about the ROI of email security, and believe it or not, it can contribute to a company’s main resilience against threats and hacks.

Factors Influencing Cost and Value Assessment

There are a ton of factors to take into account when considering email security. These can include the scale of the network, how sensitive the company’s data is, what the potential cost of a security breach would look like, and demands from the industry or market of what the company deals with on a daily basis with their network devices.

Cost Analysis

Fognigma is a great company to invest in when considering a robust network security solutions company. Two types of costs can go into considering a company like this to protect your data.
  1. Initial Investment: This includes the cost of hardware, software, installation, and training. It is often a significant figure but is essential for establishing a strong defensive baseline.
  2. Ongoing Maintenance and Operational Costs: Regular updates, upgrades, and potential expansions form the ongoing financial commitment necessary to maintain an effective security posture.

Value Assessment

One of the most beneficial things when investing in cyber security is preventing data center breaches and threat intelligence attacks. A single data breach can cause millions in potential losses. If you are preventing it, you can save a ton of money in potential losses. Also, cyber security can make sure your business or cloud environments are compliant with regulations and standards so there are not any fines or penalties you would have to pay as a company. If you improve your network stability, then your overall business operations run even more smoothly. Network security solutions offer critical infrastructure the web security needed for access management. Two factor authentication may be used by email service providers for application security to prevent software vulnerabilities from other threats.

How often do cyber attacks happen?

Emerging cyber threats occur with alarming frequency, impacting businesses of all sizes. Reports indicate that insider threats and attacks happen approximately every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans each year. This threat is even more pronounced for businesses, with the potential for disruptions in daily operations, financial losses, and damage to reputation. Given the sophistication and variety of cyber threats, including ransomware, phishing, and zero-day exploits, organizations must fortify their defenses and remain vigilant. Staying informed about the latest security threats, security policies, and threat intelligence trends is essential in developing an adaptive and proactive security strategy. Access control defines the way other security measures work, ensuring legitimate access and network security.

How Important is Network Security?

Security solutions are incredibly important with the rise of network traffic being hacked constantly. Hackers with network access can take control of your entire digital presence. There is a risk of severe financial damage when your cyber security is not up to date. Fognigma has some of the best cyber security services. If you have a business that deals with many sensitive data centers, you should consider investing in some security teams. Once you are involved with a trustworthy team, you can be protected and establish a secure foundation for their digital operations. Long-term sustainability and resilience should be your goals in the ever-connected online world.

What is the difference between secure access and zero trust?

People who specialize in cloud infrastructure are very familiar with secure access and zero trust solution providers, as they are fundamental to the field. However, they actually differ a lot in how they are approached. Secure access refers to networks being heavily restricted and only able to be accessed by users who have a log-in for the service and are authenticated. The general public deals with this daily through usernames, passwords, multi-factor authentication, and so on. Zero trust, however, is a model that is based on what the name suggests… “no trust.” No one is trusted by the system, either from inside or outside the network, and intense verification methods are required by anyone trying to access network resources. Network traffic and network analytics are important to determine user behavior and client data. Security tools can be used to do a risk assessment of your network infrastructure.

Cyber Threats Conclusion

Cybersecurity threats become more and more dangerous with every passing day, especially with remote users and remote employees, and as a result, protecting enterprise networks is more important than ever. The return on investment for security analytics can often be incalculable due to the gravity that the right cyber threat could bring to the table. Trying to assess the ROI of network security accurately is a must for any strategic planning committee, and serious investment must be made to avoid disasters to safeguard the future of your business and employees. Companies like Fognigma are at the forefront of providing solutions that protect your digital assets and offer comprehensive value that exceeds their cost. Business owners and enterprise network analysts need to look beyond the surface and recognize a secured network’s benefits. This is the only way that a business can make well-informed, forward-thinking decisions that ensure the long-term safety and success of the company in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. Mitigate cybersecurity risks, potential threats and malicious activity by using an antivirus software as a network security solution. Virtual private networks offer network security solutions to prevent online threats and data theft. Network related security is crucial for a strong operating system.

Building a Resilient and Secure Remote Work Environment

Working in a remote environment used to be somewhat of a rarity, but now, after COVID, remote work is more popular than ever. Collaborating across the world while staying put in your home or personal office space is the new norm. However, with all this flexibility and accessibility, there needs to be more security protocols in these virtual workspaces.

For remote employees, knowing how important it is to have a secure network while maintaining a robust remote business environment can be easier than ever with Fognigma’s secure, traceless, and zero-trust network. Read on for more on how it is done.

Resilience in Remote Work

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate landscape around the world shifted. Most of these companies adopted a remote work environment and realized its benefits, so they stayed the course four years later. While companies saved money on overhead costs and more, there was light shed on the fact that security needs to be amped up from what it was initially. Here is a look at how remote work can make organizations remain resilient in the face of security risks.

Reliable Internet Connectivity for a Secure Collaboration Platform

A fast internet connection is gold for remote employees. It can affect their daily operations, so it is essential to have a primary internet source and an alternative one if a power outage or connection issue occurs. Some find a personal hotspot or even a generator can be good substitutes for home networks.

Mental Resilience Tips

Having to work remotely can be stressful mentally. Resilience can help with your overall mental well-being, so try to set up a regular schedule of online meetings and self-care routines and have organized dedicated workspaces. All of this can help manage stress effectively.

Security Measures for Remote Working

As we have mentioned, security is everything in a remote work environment. Here are some things you can think about regarding remote security.

VPN Usage and Encryption

VPNs are great for every remote worker. They are a secure tunnel that encrypts your data going to and from your device. This way, hackers will take a lot of work to get in. Fognigma’s network solutions can help take security even further with traceless encryption, annual data breach tests, and other access management services that guard your information against the most advanced cyber threats.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is becoming more and more popular with remote workers. It can give the user an extra layer to maintain security that some companies may not already have. It could be in the form of a specific code being sent to the user’s phone when they try to sign in so unauthorized users cannot access confidential information.

Regular Software Updates

Believe it or not, software updates are a big part of being secure. Your computer or smartphone’s software can be upgraded to help protect against any security risks or flaws that cybercriminals might exploit, so make sure you are regularly updating your devices. Regular updates patch vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

Data Backup and Recovery Plans

Companies like Fognigma will provide secure data storage systems that ensure your information is backed up securely, so you do not have to worry about losing crucial work during unfortunate situations. It is essential to have a backup and recovery plan, whether through cloud services or external hard drives.

Encrypted Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Another important part of remaining secure in a remote work environment is encrypted communications and collaboration programs. Popular cloud communication platforms are Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others that can offer clear communication without the risk of sensitive information being leaked. With Fognigma’s secure network, all communication and file sharing are encrypted, making it virtually impossible for any unauthorized users to access confidential information.

File Sharing Secure Collaboration Tools

Sharing files is a big way for hackers to get into your information. Protected file-sharing programs are a great way to prevent unauthorized data access and potential breaches. Fognigma’s file-sharing solution offers secure, encrypted file sharing on project management that keeps all your sensitive documents safe and secure from third-party access, all to minimize risks.

Training and Awareness

Having employees be aware of how important cybersecurity is the first step in preventing potential risks. Companies should provide regular security awareness training on remote work security teams and the protocols in place, such as password management, malware protection, and phishing scams. This way, everyone is on the same page and understands their role in keeping the team and remote work environment secure.

Phishing Awareness

Those emails that say, “Click here for a free gift card” are common phishing attacks that can be sent to a company or organization’s entire staff. It is important for your workers to be familiar with these phishing emails and know how to avoid potential hacks or cyber threats. Conducting simulations can be a great way to test employees’ knowledge and educate them on how to spot and avoid phishing attacks.

Secure Password Practices on a Cloud Communication Platform

A unique, strong password is a sure way to hide your information. Even some password manager programs can help fortify the first line of defense against unauthorized access. Also, changing passwords frequently is recommended, and never use the same password for multiple accounts.


Remote work is a popular trend that seems to be staying around for a while. It has many benefits but can also bring potential threats to your online activity, files, communication, and more. It is important to have strategies in place for the best security and resilience for remote employees. Whether it is through secure collaboration tools, end-to-end encryption networks and file sharing, or proper training and awareness, companies can ensure their data and employees are protected while working remotely.

Fognigma’s Zero Trust Network exemplifies the advances in secure networking technology, offering a level of encryption that future-proofs remote work infrastructures against evolving digital threats. By adopting these practices and promoting an organizational culture that prioritizes security, we can safeguard our businesses while reaping the rewards of remote work.

accessing your identity should not be easy; it is important to use tools to create organization solutions that work for your firewall

How to Know if a Network is Secure

 the ability for organizations to manage and access the integrity of their cloud and firewall is crucial to enhance network security, email security, and prevent sensitive information getting through to other technology.

In today’s world, securing and protecting business networks is imperative. There are so many scams and hacking that can affect a company negatively if they end up with access to information. Knowing if a company network is truly secure is one of the first steps to take to ensure maximum protection. Luckily for businesses, Fognigma is skilled in knowing what it takes and robust strategies, network security solutions, access management, intrusion prevention systems, and more for network security. Read on about how to keep a business safe and secure in the online environment.

What is considered network security?

remote employees can have a check point to prevent cyber attacks Security is a lot more than having password-protected online security. Secure networks provide confidentiality, zero-trust solutions between service providers, and uninterrupted business operations. This is a valuable thing to have in today’s virtual landscape. Many would be surprised how often a business or big company gets hacked. When confidential information or data is accessed, there are a ton of negative things that can happen to an entire infrastructure. Many do not want just firewalls or antivirus software; most will need more than that. They can protect users on the surface. Fognigma can help set up extra network security services like regular audits, layered defenses, online updates, and more solutions. With these extra layers of cyber security, one can feel confident that a business will be well protected.

Identify unknown devices on a zero-trust network access.

having these services on premises is a game changer to prevent cyber attacks from the end user Another great step in ensuring a network is secure is identifying unknown devices within a provider or system. One would be surprised how often customers need to learn what goes on within their network. These types of users can access, pose a significant risk, and even be a backdoor for hackers to access the information through a checkpoint. So, make sure regular checkups are happening to ensure a zero-trust network is secure.

Constantly monitor for vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

businesses can benefit from the technologies, services and systems that security networks can controlAnother thing one can look out for is vulnerabilities. Any sort of new threats can creep into a zero-trust network through these vulnerabilities, and it is crucial to get rid of them so that there are not any repercussions. Sometimes, these threats are beyond control, which can be worrisome. That is why it is a good idea to trust the professionals at Fognigma to monitor these vulnerabilities through the network traffic. One will want to have real-time monitoring so that one can detect breaches early on before they cause any damage. Without help from people like us, a business’s data and end users are open to attack. Make sure to discuss how to protect service and technology before it is too late.

Enable encryption on a wireless network.

accessing your identity should not be easy; it is important to use tools to create organization solutions that work for your firewallA password-protected internet sometimes cuts it. One will want to use things like WPA or WPA2 to enhance a network’s encryption for better overall zero-trust network security solutions. Also, a good networking tip is avoiding default network names or passwords. There are so many different people in the world who keep their passwords the same and simple. This is a sure way for hackers to get personal information and would require more in-depth network security solutions. The last thing most people want to do is have a person hack a firm’s data primarily because a password is too easy to guess. People often use different characters in their passwords as well as punctuation marks and numbers, so it takes more work to get secure access.

Be wary of suspicious emails and links.

 zero trust network access, network security solutions, cyber threats, network access, cyber security, company networkThere are always the common phishing emails or links that tend to be sent to employees company-wide. It is important to prepare the staff not to click strange links or open attachments from unknown senders. This is a sure way to have phishing attempts compromise an entire zero-trust network. Phishing attacks like this are one of the most common methods hackers use to gain access to a business and users’ data.

Work with a trustworthy network security solutions company.

 network security, network traffic, intrusion prevention systems, network infrastructure, data breaches, brute force attacks, network security solutions, zero trust solution providersData breaches can happen any day, and the best thing to do is ensure a company knows data loss prevention strategies. If cyber security attacks are not taken seriously, most can face external threats affecting email security, access to sensitive information, and potentially an entire zero-trust network infrastructure. Fognigma is one of the best zero-trust solution providers and is more than knowledgeable on how to attack surfaces and malicious activity. Sensitive data will stay confidential and away from data theft or other threats. Customers sometimes need help figuring out what to do when faced with brute-force attacks, but Fognigma does.


Overall, thinking about a network being protected on the premises is important, and should take the necessary precautions sooner rather than later. The process can be ongoing, and various strategies, tools, and continuous monitoring are involved. Think about teaming up with a reliable cloud network security solutions Houston company like Fognigma so that one can have the highest level of protection without worrying about doing the work oneself. They have untraceable, zero-trust services that can be built across multiple cloud providers and more. Stay vigilant, and reach out to us today to learn more. security solutions for network access and secure access, cyber security, network security solutions, zero trust network access, network access, cyber threats
encrypted collaboration tools, cloud communications software, covert communication, military encrypted phone, secure remote work environment

What are Encrypted Collaboration Tools?

encrypted collaboration tools, cloud communications software, covert communication, military encrypted phone, secure remote work environment

Encrypted tools are used all around the world by top-level companies. They help keep most minds at ease regarding securing digital communication and data sharing with an additional layer of protection. These tools also provide end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information and have the ability only to allow intended recipients to access it. This is great to have in the digital era, especially considering how common it is to get hacked. Read more on how Fognigma can help your user privacy and cloud communications through specific security tools and more.

Encrypted Communication

As a professional enterprise, remote work companies will want their communication to be fully protected and not available for all. Having unauthorized people access your communication can result in leaked information or even stolen data like phone numbers, management communications, etc. With Fognigma’s cloud communications software, you will be ensured that your conversations are safe and secure. This is great for companies that work with sensitive information daily.

This means that in an instance to be safe, information can be transformed into a code that can only be deciphered by the intended recipient with a unique key. This process ensures that even if a communication or file is intercepted, it remains unreadable to anyone without the proper access. This level of security is crucial for organizations that handle sensitive information.

Security Awareness Training

It is important to bring your remote work team up to speed on what is considered a spam email or link. This can avoid a massive breach of data in your company. Fognigma’s secure, encrypted telephony also offers security awareness training for its users. In this training, employees will learn how to identify threats and react accordingly to protect sensitive information. This way, the risk of accidental data leaks or breaches is greatly reduced.

Covert Communication on a Cloud Communication Platform

Fognigma can help provide covert communication through its reliable and A-grade platforms. Having your communication available to anyone can be a thing of the past. Fognigma can help users conceal identities, contact information, mobile phone information, and more to minimize risks while sending messages on platforms like Microsoft Teams or making calls. This feature can be a game-changer for remote work companies that operate in high-risk environments or deal with confidential matters daily. These security protocols allow for covert communication without the fear of being tracked or intercepted.

Military Encrypted Phone

This type of tool is a perfect example of how advanced technology can be. It encrypts all calls, like video calls, voice calls, messaging, and more. It is almost impossible for someone to hack or intercept these conversations.

Eavesdropping from unauthorized users is eliminated. This level of security is a standard for military personnel and top-level government officials. With new features like self-destructing text messaging and switching between public and private modes, Fognigma’s military encrypted security phone services give firms an extra layer of security through covert communication.

Password-Protected Documents

Have employees in remote work ever had a document they have created and wanted it to be password protected? Fognigma can help. Professional team members can now access and work on files together safely without worrying about compromised information leaks or servers. Also, things like instant messages, screen sharing, and file-sharing capabilities can be protected. All sensitive information can be available for access management with a password or PIN only authorized personnel will have. This process allows for safe and effective teamwork, making it an important tool for any organization. Suppose an office needs help keeping its systems protected through basic security solutions. In that case, consider a business like Fognigma to provide solutions that can help monitor and support your overall communications. Devices and other technology used for corporate communications can be perfect networks for hackers to control and potentially leak confidential data.

Secure File Sharing: Send Large Files Anonymously Through Cloud Communication Platforms

File sharing should be easy and manageable as far as security risks go. Many businesses need help with sending or sharing files over the internet without compromising the information and maintaining security. With Fognigma’s cloud communication platforms, secure file sharing is now possible. This allows employees to easily and safely send any document or file they need without worrying about unauthorized persons accessing it. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to transfer large amounts of sensitive information on a regular basis.

Offline Editing: Remote Working from Anywhere Safely

Remote working has its perks, but working within a secure and safe server is harder than it sounds. Many firms can experience hackers more frequently if they work remotely. Offline editing is a great feature that many remote workers take advantage of when they are working from a location with no internet access or want to ensure maximum security.

With Fognigma’s software, users can edit documents offline, and once back online, the changes will be automatically synced with the server. This allows for efficient remote working without compromising on security. This key feature is handy for organizations with remote or traveling employees who need to stay productive while maintaining a high level of security teams.

Summary of Encrypted Tools

Overall, encryption security is much needed if you are working with confidential information and other online matters. Fognigma can offer advanced levels of privacy, security risks, security protocols, and more key features to remain anonymous and confidential in this digital era. Check out their key features like encryption, covert communication, VoIP provider, multifactor authentication, secure file sharing, and more. Do not wait until it is too late. Get in touch with Fognigma today to bring your organization to the next level regarding being the most secure remote work environment.


4 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

The new year is here, and that means new threats. Is your organization prepared?

With the exponential increase in the number and types of cyber attacks, preparation and response are more important than ever. But according to an Enterprise Strategy Group study, IT departments ignore 74% of security incidents or alerts. And that’s not just due to negligence – teams are simply unable to keep up with the number of threats.

Automation is an obvious solution, and with the virtualization of computer systems in the 2010s and more recent technology, it’s far more feasible. Here are 4 four ways automation improves organizational security.

Reduced risk from human error

Even if an IT team has the personnel to manage the volume of threats, that’s only half the issue. The downside of virtualization is that it creates greater complexity – larger networks, Internet of Things devices, digital instances, and more. Networks have become less and les homogenous, and each element composing them is a potential vulnerability. Even the most capable cybersecurity experts are prone to fatigue, carelessness, or other inherent human flaws, but attackers work 24/7, leveraging automation, AI, and other new tech for their attacks. One absentminded misconfiguration can result in millions of dollars of loss.

These instances of human error are what automation seeks to correct, and cloud-based infrastructure makes it accessible at scale. This is what a recent comprehensive study of cybersecurity automation called the “new frontier” – the automation of the design and deployment of security and network architecture, firewalls, VPN gateways, and other cyber defenses.

Increased operational efficiency

When sensitive data or human lives are on the line, every second matters. Automating the deployment and management of resources, administrative tasks, encryption key generation and management, and other elements required for secure communication and collaboration allows agents in the field and at headquarters to be more prepared for sudden changes, new threats, or other risks.

According to Eran Barak, CEO and co-founder of the security firm Hexadite (purchased by Microsoft in 2017), automation goes beyond just prevention and detection of threats. It’s about policy execution, alert monitoring and prioritization, incident response planning, and investigation, action, and remediation. Incorporating automation at every level enables organizations to not only detect threats, but enhance readiness and respond at every operational level.

Reduced cost

Time is money, and that’s especially true for any organization relying on cloud-based infrastructure. There are several commercial cloud providers available, but resources aren’t always needed 24/7/365. On the one hand, constantly running resources even when not in use will accumulate larger costs. On the other hand, it requires significant manual administrative effort to constant destroy and redeploy resources. And this isn’t going to be feasible for some operations that require a fast pace and high level of preparedness.

Automating the deployment of needed resources can ensure you get the best of both worlds, keeping costs down while ensuring resources are always available when needed. This is also true for security automation. In 2018, the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimated that the worldwide cost of cyberattacks was around $600 billion, and was expected to rise to 6 trillion annually in 2021.

Easier integration & collaboration

Collaboration is important, but it comes with security risks. It takes time to integrate new users into a system without compromising security, especially if they’re not necessarily trustworthy. It takes IT and security significant time to manage this, depending on the systems they use. On top of that, fatigue can be a significant issue over time. As incidences increase and operations proceed, this can be a devastating issue. Automating security practices for incorporating and maintaining new users can address these issues, while reducing human error risks like inexperience, fatigue, and carelessness.

With networks becoming increasingly complex over time, and cyber attacks becoming more complex and frequent, it’s clear that automation will continue to be a key security tool in 2024 and beyond. Learn more today on how Fognigma can help your networks become automated & secure.