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Benefits of Using a Fognigma VDI While Working Remote

Even before the COVID-19 work from home order, the business world has increasingly become a remote occupation. Whether organizations let their employees work remotely a few days out of the week, work completely remote, or have employees that travel frequently, a proper Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution can allow organizations to seamlessly maintain the benefits and feel a single office location offers. 

Learn more about how Fognigma VDIs can secure and unify your organization, no matter where your users are. 

Benefits of Fognigma VDIs

Anonymous Access: Fognigma VDIs allow users to browse the internet in a sandboxed computing environment that protects their actual computer from attack. 

Disposability: When VDIs are no longer in use, they can be destroyed in just a few clicks, and leave absolutely no footprint that links users’ actual computer to the work that was being done. 

Centralized File Sharing: Users can save files and profile information on one VDI and then access them later on another as if it were the exact same one. Any data or files downloaded to a VDI can be virus-scanned in the safe sandboxed environment of the VDI itself, before being transferred to the user’s local computer or a file server.  

USB Capabilities: Fognigma VDIs have local USB compatibility with most peripherals, including Custom Access Card (CAC) readers, printers, keyboards, and more. 

Customization: Fognigma VDIs can be integrated with custom programs, allowing businesses to tailor the sandboxed environments to their needs. 

Proxied Audio: Audio transmitted through the VDI is filtered to ensure no IP leaks occur. 

How can Organizations Benefit from using Fognigma VDIs While Working Remote? 

Fognigma VDIs are Easily Deployable: Organizations can have VDIs in just the click of a mouse for any of their users. 

Paired with Fognigma Secure Communication and Collaboration Tools: Fognigma’s video conferenicng, file servers, and encrypted messaging components can be used within Fognigma VDIs which allows organizations to remotely communicate and collaborate in a secured, sandboxed environment, just as if they were in the office. 

Burned After Use: When organizations VDIs are no longer needed, they are fully destroyed, and then can be spun back up in a click of a mouse. 

Fognigma VDIs live inside of Fognigma’s Virtual Private Networks. These networks are entirely controlled by your business, invisible to anyone (trying) to watch your operations, are completely disposable, and fully encrypted.

Fognigma VDIs give businesses everything they need to protect their users, communications and data.  Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo. 

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How To Make Sure Your Video Conferences Are Secure

When your entire organization is forced to work remotely, video conferencing is a vital tool for effective communication and collaboration. Many web services are offering free tools to help organizations adapt to this new remote lifestyle, but the increased reliance on video conferences has revealed a major security flaw. 

With more and more organizations switching to a remote work environment, hackers have plenty of new targets and opportunities to access sensitive data – and they’re succeeding. 

This rise in video conferencing attacks has revealed an unavoidable fact: some remote work tools do not have security and privacy. 

Another obvious fact: video conferencing is an essential part of an effective remote work environment. 

So what’s the solution? How do you protect video calls, voice chat, and screen sharing from hackers trying to steal sensitive data? 

Not all video conferencing services are created equal. To ensure your users, data, and communications are secure, follow the guidelines below. 

Video Conferencing Encryption - Fognigma


One simple way you can boost security is to use a service that encrypts audio and video data. In most cases, video conferencing software encryption is extremely efficient and has little to no effect on real-time usability of video conferences. 


Even on a secure server, admins for the service provider may have access to your video conferencing sessions. Some providers also sell user data. Before hosting video conferences make sure you’re in the right hands. 


The best solution to avoid intrusion is to use servers completely owned by your organization. Most collaboration software is cloud-based, simply because it makes data collection easier. With self-hosted video conferencing software, your data isn’t going to a central cloud computing service that can sell it to the highest bidder. Self-hosting allows your organization to have complete control over everything. 

Fognigma Video Conference


Fognigma is a fully encrypted, secure, invisible, traceless network complete with communication and collaboration tools. Fognigma’s video conferencing solution is completely protected by FIPS 140-2 validation, uses cascading AES-256 encryption, runs on servers your organization owns and operates, and is completely private and invisible to everyone but the parties involved.

Ready to ensure your organizations security for remote work? 

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely - Fognigma

Fognigma Solves Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely - Fognigma

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is effective collaboration. 

In an office environment, everything is in a single, secured location. We take for granted how easy it is to efficiently communicate and interact with other people, our data, documents, and other files we need each day. 

Remote work introduces several variables that can make secure, effective collaboration a logistical nightmare. Outdated technology and software, unsecured home networks, and limited access to company information can create major security risks and make collaboration a hassle. 

With Fognigma, the biggest challenge of working remotely is solved, organizations can collaborate seamlessly and securely from anywhere – just as effectively as from the office. 

Using Fognigma’s cutting-edge, customizable VPNs, organizations can: 

Communicate face-to-face in a secure video conferencing server: Fognigma’s video conferences are completely encrypted, live on servers entirely owned by your organization, are completely private, and invisible to everyone but the parties involved. 

Safely store and share sensitive company information on a secure file server: With Fognigma, secure file sharing is made easy. Users can download, upload, and share sensitive company information. Furthermore, special links can be created if specific files needs to be shared with outsiders. 

Send messages and files protected with end-to-end encryption to anyone in your organization: Fognigma’s technology simplifies and automates the encryption, allowing users to easily send secure messages and files to anyone in their organization.

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely Solved With Fognigma

Access company resources and the Internet from traceless, sandboxed VDIs: Using Fognigma’s VDIs, users can anonymously browse the Internet, access company resources and more while appearing to be anywhere in the world. Users Internet activity leaves no footprint of where they went, removing the risk of hackers tracking where they went or what organization they belong to. 

Obscure and misattribute phone numbers to protect calls and texts: With Fognigma, users can text and call without revealing their true numbers or what is said during the conversation. 

Fognigma makes safe, effective remote collaboration easy – for everyone, no matter where they are. With Fognigma, your organizations biggest challenge while working remotely is solved! 

Don’t let remote work hinder your organizations business operations. Solve your organizations biggest challenge with Fognigma. Contact us to learn more. 

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Benefits of Using a Fognigma VPN While Working Remote

Fognigma VPNs While Working Remote

Organizations all over the United States have closed their doors and implemented work from home policies due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. With that, security is most likely the number one concern in organizations right now. 

Fognigma Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the ideal solution when it comes to security concerns, especially during this work from home time. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using Fognigma VPNs and how your organization can benefit from using them while working remote. 

Benefits of Fognigma VPNs

Encryption and Connection Security: Every connection within a Fognigma network features two layers of encryption, using two-separate cryptographic libraries, which means that Fogngima networks are immune to zero-day cryptographic compromises. You don’t ever have to worry about your data being exposed. 

Total Network Invisibility: Fognigma allows your traffic to hide in the vast pool of IP addresses allocated to the millions of people who are using the Cloud at any one time, recycling IPs that have been used by others in the past and will be used by others in the future. All access to the Fognigma network is protected by firewalls, so your networks and nodes do not appear to exist when scanned, probed, or attacked. 

Anonymity Without Compromise: With Fognigma’s technology, no one can trace your networks back to you or your organization. 

Secure Network Automation: Using Fognigma’s built in scheduling feature, you can completely automate production of VPNs and resources, allowing your organization to create secure, fully encrypted networks without the need for dedicated operators. Users can instruct the engine to create, edit, or destroy VPNs and resources automatically at different times on specific days of the week. This streamlines the VPN setup process and allows your organization to accomplish more, while spending less time on the network management. 

How can Organizations Benefit from using Fognigma VPNs While Working Remote?

VPN While Working Remote - Fogngima VPN

Fognigma VPNs are Easily Deployable: Your entire organization can be secured in on-demand networks in just the click of a mouse. This leaves less time for unnecessary security steps, and more time to focus on necessary job responsibilities. 

Completed with Secure Communication and Collaboration Tools: Fognigma networks are equipped with all the communication and collaboration tools organizations need to work from home. Video conferencing, encrypted telephony, secure file servers, sandboxed VDIs, and user specific message and file encryption are all components available within Fognigma networks. 

Burned After Use:  When users are done working for the day, Fognigma networks can be destroyed in the click of a mouse leaving absolutely no forensic footprint. Then, spun back up when remote users are ready to start working the next day. 

Fully Encrypted: Every connection within a Fognigma network is encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Whether your users have a team video conference, share sensitive documents in the group chat or browse the internet for company research they are completely secure. 

Networks Are Only On When You Need Them: Fognigma networks are not time consuming, expensive and high maintenance networks, they are on-demand and only exist when users in your organization need them. 

Fognigma networks are the perfect solution when it comes to securing your entire organization while your users are working from home. Fognigma networks are completely private to your organization and invisible to third parties. Everything organization’s need to do their job, whether in the office or at home, are inside of Fognigma networks. 

It’s not too late to secure your organization. Get started with Fognigma VPNs today.