Send messages, share files, use integrated videoconferencing, and own all your data under the protection of Matrix and Fognigma encryption.

End-to-end Encryption

Element uses a per-user, per-device encryption standard established with Matrix, an open network for decentralized communication that incorporates several layers of encryption methodologies and keys, including a one designed for group message encryption.

Automated Anonymity

To provide access to the Element server, Fognigma automatically generates a unique Portal Proxy for each user that anonymizes the path to the server within commercial web traffic.

Incorporated Videoconferencing

Element allows users to create videoconferences within the application, complete with screensharing, chat features, password protection, and more.


Element works with smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and every device is registered separately and encrypted with a unique set of keys.

Effortlessly Collaborate with Encrypted Messages, Files, and Videoconferences

Element is an additional encrypted team chat and file sharing capability available for Fognigma users that uses the Matrix encryption standard. This standard uses multiple layers of encryption methodologies and keys, as well as cross-signed verification to ease the authentication process and protect against imposters and man-in-the-middle attacks by allowing users to track the devices in a conversation and revoke trust in the event a device appears compromised.



An organization requires a solution to allow their users on the ground in contested space in different locations to communicate and collaborate without revealing relationships between users and the server or the network and server locations. Users need text, voice, and file sharing capabilities accessible from desktop and mobile devices, without requiring any specialized infrastructure.