Fognigma's patented software lets you build secure, invisible, adaptable networks anywhere. Inside a Fognigma Network, administrators can quickly deploy end-to-end encrypted, traceless collaboration tools – messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, phone, and more.

Each Fognigma Network is completely private to and owned by your organization, invisible to third parties, and able to be destroyed whenever the mission is complete (or as part of a routine burn/rebuild program for added security).

Fognigma Networks can deploy collaboration resources on either public or private clouds, ensuring the most economical integration to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and resiliency. With Fognigma’s powerful technology and easy-to-use interface, your organization can move from exposed to invisible in minutes.


Unique Features

Fognigma is the only secure communications platform that was purposely built to be owned and operated by the customer. It gives organizations many unique advantages, such as:

Invisible networks

Invisible Networks

Fognigma networks are a set of virtual components which work together even though they may reside within multiple commercial or private clouds simultaneously and temporarily. No one will be able to tell if or where your network exists.

Rapidly deployable

Rapidly Deployable

Offering instant scalability, Fognigma Networks are built in an easy-to-use web interface with just a few mouse clicks. Select the components you want, where you want them, add your users, and your multi-cloud network will be created in no time.

Fully encrypted

Fully Encrypted

Every connection inside a Fognigma Network is wrapped in FIPS 140-2 validated, cascading AES-256 encryption. Once a user connects to a network, they are surrounded by the same encryption and disassociation as all the components.

Custmizable Remote Desktops - Fognigma

Granular Use Controls

One of the best ways to prevent insider threats is to limit user access. Fognigma Networks give admins granular user controls, allowing Identity and Access Management to be easily monitored and adapted, as needed.

On when you need it

On When You Need It

Networks are very time consuming and expensive to maintain, requiring 24/7 monitoring for threats. Fognigma Networks can be built on demand or scheduled to exist only when needed, saving resources and money.

Globally Accessible

Globally Accessible

Your operation can take you all over the world, and your network needs to be there with you. Fognigma Networks can be accessed anywhere in the world to make sure you have the tools you need for mission success.

Disposable Remote Desktops

Burn After Use

Destroy your networks with the click of a button or as part of a schedule. When a Fognigma Network is destroyed, all components are wiped and overwritten by the cloud providers, eliminating all trace they ever existed.

Works on any device

Works On Any Device

Users need to be able to access your network on whatever device they’re using. Fognigma Networks work on desktop and mobile devices running all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android).


Additional Security

Fognigma is constantly pushed to new levels of security. Some of the additional aspects that make Fognigma so secure are:


FIPS Validated 140-2


Not content to use third-party FIPS compliant modules, Fognigma has been independently tested and certified as FIPS 140-2 Validated (cert. #3284).


Wolf SSL


When integrating wolfSSL, Fognigma provides a more secure option by utilizing two different encryption libraries (wolfSSL/OpenSSL), running two different ciphers (ChaCha20/AES-256-GCM), and using TLS 1.3 when possible.


Open Source Testing



Fognigma uses Black Duck to monitor the open source code we've incorporated into the tools and components used by Fognigma. Black Duck monitors open source code for vulnerabilities, glitches, and fixes, making sure all code used in Fognigma is protected.


Patented Innovation


Fognigma holds seventeen patents for their unrivaled innovations:

Fognigma (US Patent 9,935,850 & 9,954,918); Fognigma’s Netcutter (US Patent 10,284,633); Fognigma’s Portal Proxy (US Patent 10,080,249 & 10,616,938); Fognigma’s Gateway (US Patent 10,630,555); US Patent 10,476,761; US Patent 10,673,915; US Patent 10,880,432; US Patent 10,897,409; US Patent 10,949,560; US Patent 10,972,587; US Patent 10,979,490; US Patent 11,044,285; US Patent 11,178,100; US Patent 11,218,485; US Patent 11,224,080

Fognigma Integrates into these Public Clouds

Fognigma Integrates into these infrastructures as a service providers

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