Going Off The Grid

There’s a better way to go off the grid and make your communications unattributable. Fognigma’s patented software solutions give you secure and encrypted phone and chat messaging solutions so you can communicate without a trace. Make your communications hidden from the world behind the invisibility of Fognigma.

Burner Phones

There’s a better way to do burner phones and destroy your digital footprint. Fognigma’s patented software solutions give you the ability to evade your adversaries and cloak your communications. Disassociate the caller from the receiver anywhere in the world, on any device, wherever your mission may lead. Defend your defenses with Fognigma.

Disposable Computing

There’s a better way to dispose of your sensitive data and secure your information. Leave all your cyber-Insecurities behind. Fognigma’s post-quantum encryption protects your data from Harvest Now, Decrypt Later and other quantum computing threats. Secure, Invisible, Traceless, Fully Post-Quantum Encrypted Networks Off the Shelf and Ready to Go. Go incognito with Fognigma.

Fognigma's Mission Partner Enviorments

Fognigma, provides global rapidly deployable, fully scalable, on-demand, secure networks & Mission Partner Environments (MPE). Each Fognigma network and next generation MPE provides turn-key communication solutions for voice, video, chat & messaging, telephony, and data without any commitments to contractor labor or services.

Wickets: Encrypted, Portable Hardware for Accessing Fognigma

Wickets are small and portable bits of hardware which allow users to access your Fognigma-created Mission Partner Network. Once inside your network, users can safely utilize your hidden and encrypted communication and collaboration tools and files. Wickets can also be used to connect your IoT devices to your Fognigma network, which gives them unparalleled protection from outside hacks and intrusion.

Portal Proxy : On Demand, Customizable & Disposable URL's

Dexter Edward’s unique Portal Proxy capability provides organizations the ability to discretely and securely share and control access to hidden, sensitive resources (webpages, IoT devices, virtual desktops, etc.) with remote users. By creating ephemeral, non-attributable pathways, Portal Proxy ensures both the privacy of the user and the hidden resources.

Fognigma Networks

Fognigma Networks are private networks built from strategically leased virtual machines spread out across multiple cloud providers which function as one network. Fognigma Networks are invisible, easy-to-use and deploy, and hide and secure your communication and collaboration. Fognigma Networks leverage leading edge technology to protect your organization today.

Conclave Automated Encryption

Encrypting your agency’s communications is key to mission success. But current encryption methods are a multi-step process, which is just too tedious to put into everyday use. Conclave automates the encryption in the background, so you can focus on your operations.

Obfuscated Access -Wisp

A microservice instance that stores a single user’s authentication tokens under a unique access URL, allowing a user to authenticate with the Fognigma engine and access available resources without needing to connect to the engine directly.

Intelligent Firewalls - ZeroProfile

ZeroProfile is a smart firewall that prevents brute force attacks, scanning, and profiling throughout the Fognigma product line. ZeroProfile protects your resources via single use, time-bounded, host-specific cryptographic tokens, which allow only users and hosts to communicate with your Fognigma networks.

Discreet Communication - Holler

Holler is a fully encrypted telephony service within Fognigma that utilizes interchangeable SIP numbers from around the world to provide specialized voice calling configurations for any situation. It’s Simple. Secure. Traceless. Telephony.

Remote Access To Private Resources - Netcutter

Protect isolated resources and provide access to them with Fognigma’s Netcutter capability. NetCutter allows users to remotely access isolated resources across a secure and invisible Fognigma network, so inbound traffic can’t be seen.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) provide single-access, disposable desktop environments which can host many of Fognigma’s encrypted and traceless collaboration components, as well as acting as anonymized entry points into a Fognigma network. VDIs are used by many types of organizations for added security and privacy, especially useful for organizations conducting Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). VDIs drastically reduce the risks of IP association, malware, and attack when compared to standard computing devices.

Anonymized Network Creation - Spawner Storm

Spawner Storm passes virtual machine build requests and communications to virtual machines through a layer of Portal Proxies, thus anonymizing and dissociating the build location from the cloud secure provider and virtual machines.

Fognigma: Secure Communication & Collaboration

Fognigma’s patented software lets you build secure, invisible, adaptable networks anywhere you need them. These networks are full of protected communication and collaboration tools and can be built and destroyed whenever needed to conserve resources. Fognigma is the only secure communications platform that was purposely built to be owned and operated by the customer.

Fognigma in the Battle Space