Encrypted Private Data Vault

Store your files, notes, spreadsheets, and more – uniquely encrypted and only accessible to you – with Fognigma-protected Standard Notes.

Per-file Encryption

Standard Notes uses authentication and encryption protocols to prevent the server from reading or decrypting content, and each individual file is uniquely encrypted and can be password-protected.

Per-user Access

Each Standard Notes user is only able to access their own files on the server. Other accounts only have access to their own data.

Content Templates

In addition to providing personal file storage, Standard Notes provides a digital office space for users to create notes, spreadsheets, code, and more, with long-term revision history.

Cloud Storage

Standard Notes enables users to migrate locally-stored sensitive into a secure, personal, cloud-based environment under the protection of Fognigma.

Encrypt & Store Your Sensitive Files & Data In The Cloud

Standard Notes acts as a personal, private file and data storage vault for Fognigma, allowing users to store and backup their most sensitive files. Create documents and spreadsheets, take notes, write code, and more, with individual file encryption, password protection, and two-factor authentication.



An organization needs to complete a mission in a contested location requiring multiple operators to independently collect, store, and generate various types of documents and data. Since localized infrastructure is unreliable for the purpose of the mission, they require a cloud-based solution to manage this.

Due to the mission circumstances, it is imperative data is protected from potential digital attackers. To provide a singular solution that also protects user data, the organization deploys a Standard Notes server within a Fognigma network.

Standard Notes