What is an
Encrypted Network?

Communicate and collaborate on demand with Fognigma’s network technology. Using Fognigma, administrators can quickly deploy end-to-end encrypted, traceless collaboration tools – messaging, video conferencing, file transfer, telephony, and more. Each Fognigma Network is completely private to your organization, invisible to third parties, and able to be destroyed whenever the mission is complete (or as part of a routine burn/rebuild program for added security). With Fognigma’s powerful technology and easy-to-use interface, your organization can move from exposed to invisible in minutes.

Fognigma can deploy collaboration resources on either public or private clouds. Leveraging this hybrid provisioning system allows clients to avoid vendor lock-in and determine the most economical integration for their mission specifications to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency
Metadata snooping


Metadata Snooping & Browser Fingerprinting

Metadata tells spying third parties who you are, where you are, when and with whom you are communicating, and more. Fognigma-created networks obfuscate and anonymize your metadata and network traffic so much that third parties won’t even know to look for you, let alone attempt to exploit your metadata.

Fognigma networks also obscure your actual location, movement, and intent. By obscuring your online pattern-of-life, Fognigma creates a smokescreen against anyone attempting to use browser fingerprinting to discover and exploit your identity. Fognigma helps you become just another bit of static in the soothing white noise of the Internet, so you can completely and securely disappear.