What is an
Encrypted Network?

Communicate and collaborate on demand with Fognigma’s network technology. Using Fognigma, administrators can quickly deploy end-to-end encrypted, traceless collaboration tools – messaging, video conferencing, file transfer, telephony, and more. Each Fognigma Network is completely private to your organization, invisible to third parties, and able to be destroyed whenever the mission is complete (or as part of a routine burn/rebuild program for added security). With Fognigma’s powerful technology and easy-to-use interface, your organization can move from exposed to invisible in minutes.

Fognigma can deploy collaboration resources on either public or private clouds. Leveraging this hybrid provisioning system allows clients to avoid vendor lock-in and determine the most economical integration for their mission specifications to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency


Metadata Snooping & Browser Fingerprinting

Metadata tells spying third parties who you are, where you are, when and with whom you are communicating, and more. Fognigma-created networks obfuscate and anonymize your metadata and network traffic so much that third parties won’t even know to look for you, let alone attempt to exploit your metadata.

Fognigma networks also obscure your actual location, movement, and intent. By obscuring your online pattern-of-life, Fognigma creates a smokescreen against anyone attempting to use browser fingerprinting to discover and exploit your identity. Fognigma helps you become just another bit of static in the soothing white noise of the Internet, so you can completely and securely disappear.

Fognigma Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding what Fognigma is and does can be tricky, especially when discussing encrypted networks. Take a look at the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and the answers to these questions. Review the below to help better understand how Forgnigma can help businesses communicate in a more secure and undetectable way.

device security and monitoring for employees at businesses that need to protect their cloud; password security is important for employees
Fognigma has a reliable software collaboration platform that can allow remote work companies or many businesses to send or utilize encrypted resources on both public and private clouds without the risk of hacking or cyberattacks. With Forgnigma, you won’t have to worry about third-party surveillance. You can remote work with your fellow coworkers with ease of mind, knowing your network is protected and has taken the appropriate security measures.

Integrating Fognigma’s tools and resources on your public or private clouds is very easy. All you have to do is integrate your already existing critical data and remote work infrastructure into Fognigma. Then, we provide you with a cloud space with managed attribution and robust access controls that is completely secure and operable. This way, you have full control, and if you would like something more customizable, our team can help tailor exactly what you envision for your remote work environments.

When your remote workers are using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet on a mobile device or laptop, your company is at risk of hacking, data theft, and more. 

Traditional communication methods like this do not offer the remote security and privacy that Fognigma can. Even measures like password managers or multi-factor authentication are less safe than you might think. By making your movement, location, and intent obscure, Forgnigma can make it nearly impossible for someone to find you.

Yes; Fognigma is a great choice for covert communications and security, especially with remote workers. Our military-grade encrypted phone services offer unparalleled anonymity and remote security. It makes it almost impossible for users to trace your calls, so you can communicate with complete confidence in knowing that your systems are safe and protected by firewalls, security access, protected devices, and more. If you are a classified organization or even just a journalist working on a sensitive topic or story, Fognigma can help. We take security seriously with all businesses.

Fognigma’s software can allow you to store and share any sensitive information. With our military-grade encryption, any data of any type will be protected in transit and at rest, free from data breaches. Only authorized users can access it through a mobile device or computer. We also have secure file storage and sharing features where you can collaborate on projects without worrying about data security breaches. Multifactor authentication is usually all industry regulations require, but Fognigma can take your remote work up a notch regarding security.

With Fognigma’s software, remote security protocols, automation, and encrypted tools, your remote employees can easily communicate and collaborate across multiple platforms or devices, no matter the location. It is easy to scale up or down as needed without disruption of secure services. Security systems everywhere risk their data from being stolen, especially if working remotely. Fognigma networks offer protection from  threats around the clock.

Yes. Fognigma can integrate with other third-party applications or platforms. Just make sure to ask our technical support team, and we can walk you through what zero-trust security model software and systems are most compatible. Also, if a user needs custom integrations, we can work with them or your employees to get your operations and devices running smoothly on a custom software plan. The internet is full of new and unknown threats, so always ensure you have security in mind to protect your employees’ devices and more.

Our technical support team is available during regular business hours, so if you have any questions related to Fognigma, you know who to call. We are always available to assist you, whether it is for various remote work channels like email, phone, chat, or more.