Monitor the health and stability of Fognigma networks and resources with Sensu.

Network Event Tracking

Sensu automatically tracks Fognigma events for virtual machines in the network, including regular ping, CPU, RAM, disk, and connection checks.


Sensu regularly performs checks on Fognigma machines in a network the moment it's deployed, without requiring any manual configuration.


Sensu supports Fognigma’s scalability by allowing administrators to monitor network and resource stress from a single interface so they can adjust networks as needed.

Rapid Response

Sensu enables administrators to provide rapid response before needed resources experience issues, preventing availability interruptions.

Track Network and Resource Health and Strain

Sensu makes monitoring Fognigma networks and resources easy by regularly performing automated checks to allow administrators to anticipate issues before they occur, scale networks when needed, and enable mission success.


Scenario: Rapid Scaling

An organization requires cloud-based networks for secure communication and collaboration with large numbers of users coming and going in different time zones. The nature of the mission requires constant availability, the ability to anticipate network strain, and the option to scale networks and resources to support users without incurring excessive cost or requiring extensive administration.