Protect your networks and resources from brute force attacks, scanning, and profiling with ZeroProfile, Fognigma’s smart firewall.

Reduced Network Profile

ZeroProfile uses shared secrets, time-based tokens, and cryptographically strong hashing algorithms to create tokens that can only be used for a brief amount time by the designated host, while hiding that the tokens are ever received.


ZeroProfile is automatically enabled on the Fognigma engine and all networks and resources.


ZeroProfile hides token exchanges to further limit observable activity and allow it to function invisibly even while under active observation.

Fraud Prevention

ZeroProfile only accepts tokens from approved Fognigma virtual machines, so even if a malicious actor were to intercept a token and send it from their own address, it would be rejected.

Make Your Networks and Resources Invisible

Port knocking and and whitelisting can help protect your online networks and resources, but they can be tedious and remain vulnerable to brute force attacks — but hackers can't target something if they don't know it exists.

ZeroProfile acts as camoflauge that creates a reduced network profile by closing all ports on machines, making them immune to detection from scanning, while secretly allowing intended connections and access. This process is completely automated and requires no administration, allowing Fognigma users to operate freely without compromising security or requiring extensive manual configurations.


Scenario: Invisible Digital Operations

An organization needs to store sensitive data in the public cloud for greater capacity. To ensure that resources are safe and completely blocked off from potential associations, scans, or attacks, the organization deploys a ZeroProfile-enabled Fognigma network with a file server to reduce the operational profile of the mission and prevent scans or observations.