Anonymizing VDI Instances

Securely access resources, browse the web anonymously, manage digital personas, and access your files and data from any Fognigma VDI instance.

Shared File Storage

VDIs can be deployed with a shared folder that other VDI users in the same Fognigma network can access.

Nomadic Profiles

Fognigma VDIs allow users to create unique profiles used to sign into VDIs. Any files or data collected on a profile is saved to those credentials and can be accessed from any VDI instance.

Anonymizing Proxies

Every instance is automatically deployed with a unique proxy for anonymous access. Audio transmitted through the VDI is also filtered through proxies to ensure no IP leaks occur.


Fognigma automatically deploys and maintains instances so they’re always available when needed. When a user reserves an instance, Fognigma automatically deploys a new one to replace it.

Anonymously Access And Browse The Internet From Anywhere

Fognigma’s virtual desktops are sandboxed, single-use, disposable Linux-based instances (VDIs) that allow users to access resources within a Fognigma Network or the public internet via a protected, traceless connection.

VDIs are used by many types of organizations for added security and privacy, making them especially useful for organizations conducting OSINT missions. VDIs drastically reduce the risks of IP association, malware, and attack when compared to standard computers.


Scenario: Anonymous Research & Collaboration

An organization performing market research needs its users to be able to access data on the web from anywhere, while appearing to be in specific geographic locations. The organization uses Fognigma VDIs to allow the users to work from home, the office, or anywhere there is Internet access and collaborate with one another, share files, and retain data between sessions, while appearing to be located geographically close to the subjects of the research.

Virtual Desktop