Fognigma® is an
enterprise software solution for

A Secure, Invisible,
Fully Encrypted Network

Fognigma's patented software solution gives organizations the power to build a secure network that is fully encrypted, invisible, and anonymized. Fognigma Secures your communications and online activities.



Fognigma software solutions leverage leading edge technologies to provide organizations the tools they need for mission success and to create a secure network.

Secure Connections - Fognigma

Secure Networks & WiFi Connections

Fognigma provides secure networks and WiFi connections using a variety of software and hardware solutions, all wrapped in FIPS 140-2 validated, cascading AES-256 encryption. Simplify your encryption methods and easily protect your networks.

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Enterprise Web proxies

Enterprise Web Proxies

Fognigma's Portal Proxy solution takes web proxies a step further, providing a two-pronged solution. First, Portal Proxies allow users to anonymously visit any website; second, they allow you to mask your own websites.

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Encrypted Telephony - Fogngima

Secure & Encrypted Phone

Reverb, Fognigma's traceless phone solution, allows users to place fully encrypted phone calls from any device. Reverb also creates misattributed call chains for safely communicating with trusted/untrusted entities.

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Secure messaging

Secure Messaging

Chat messaging is quickly replacing email as the most popular method of communication for a variety of reasons. Chat is faster, easier to configure for multi-person communication, quicker to share files, and offers a more personal connection to the team.

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File Sharing - Fogngima

Secure File Sharing

Fognigma file share access can be granularly controlled by an organization's administrators. Users are given access to only the folders and files they need to access and are not able to reach any other section of the file share.

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Video Conferencing - Fognigma

Secure Video Conferencing

When words or files aren’t enough for your collaboration, you can always rely on face-to-face conversation with encrypted video conferencing. Video conferencing can be between trusted and untrusted parties without risking the security of anyone in the group.

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Virtual desktop infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) provide single-access, disposable desktop environments which can host many of Fognigma's encrypted and traceless collaboration components, as well as acting as anonymized entry points into a Fognigma network. Fognigma VDIs have many unique features not found in standard VDIs.

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Automated encryption services

Automated Encryption Services

Encryption services have been largely unchanged for decades, requiring a lengthy process for you to receive and send public/private keys, all of that has changed with Fognigma's Conclave solution. With the simple download of an app, all your files/messages can be automatically encrypted and decrypted.

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What is a

Fully Secure & Encrypted Network


Created on demand, Fognigma networks are untraceable, invisible networks built across multiple cloud providers to provide a secure space in which to conduct your operations. Fognigma Networks are well-adapted for any situation where secure collaboration enclaves, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based networks are required.




While other companies provide some of the same functionalies as us, we have varying features that make us stand out amongst the crowd.

Rapidly Deployable

Offering global availability and instant scalability, Fognigma Networks are built in an easy-to-use web interface with just a few mouse clicks. Select the components you want and where you want them. Then add your users and your multi-cloud Fognigma Network will be created in no time.

Fully Encrypted

Every connection in a Fognigma Network is dual-wrapped in AES-256 encryption with 4096-bit RSA for initial key exchange. Every connection between components, every connection between communication and collaboration tools, and every connection on the user’s path is secured.

Burn After Use

Worried that burned networks retain your organization’s information? Fear not. Destroy your networks with the click of a button. When a Fognigma Network is burned, the components are wiped clean and completely overwritten by the cloud providers, eliminating all digital forensics.

Fognigma Networks

Created on demand, Fognigma Networks are untraceable, invisible networks built across multiple cloud providers to provide a secure space. Fognigma Networks are well-adapted for any situation where secure collaboration enclaves, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based networks are required.

On When You Need It

Networks are very time consuming and expensive to maintain, requiring 24/7 monitoring for threats. Fognigma Networks can be built on demand or scheduled to exist only when you need them. No more incurring expenses for networks when no one is using them.

Works on Any Device

All users need to be able to access your network on whatever device they’re using. Fognigma Networks work on all desktop and mobile devices and all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android). Regardless of how you connect, you're never missing out on Fognigma's features.

Implementation Options

Fognigma is the only secure communications platform that was purposely built to be owned and operated by the customer. Organizations can deploy Fognigma in three different ways.



With an On-Premise implementation, the Fognigma software engine is installed on hardware in your network.


A Cloud implementation allows you to have all the security of Fognigma, but without its Engine installed directly into your network. The engine exists, instead, in the cloud.


A Hybrid Cloud implementation combines features of both On-Premise & Cloud implementations to make sure Fognigma is deployed exactly how you want it.

Fognigma Networks

Span the Globe

Fognigma-created networks utilize components from 8 commercial cloud providers, totaling over 150 data centers in 50 regions across 5 continents, for a truly global reach. This allows organizations to create their network exactly where they need it for their users and to obscure their users' true locations.

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