Secure, Traceless, Post-Quantum Encryption,
Zero Trust Networks
& Next Generation
Mission Partner Environments

Fognigma Secure Networks

Span the Globe

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software, Fognigma, provides global rapidly deployable, fully scalable, on-demand, secure networks & Mission Partner Environments (MPE).

Each Fognigma network and next generation MPE provides turn-key communication solutions for voice, video, chat & messaging, telephony, and data without any commitments to contractor labor or services.

Fognigma Networks leverage virtual machine infrastructure from 8 commercial cloud providers: Amazon, Azure, CloudSigma, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and Vultr, totaling to over 150 data centers in 50 regions across 6 continents, giving users a truly global reach. This allows organizations to create networks exactly where they need it and obscures their users true locations.


Fully Secure

Fognigma Networks


Fognigma's on-demand, untraceable, invisible networks are built across multiple cloud providers to provide a secure space for all your business operations. Fognigma Networks are well-adapted for any situation requiring secure collaboration enclaves, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based networks.




Fognigma software solutions leverage leading edge technologies to provide enterprises the tools they need for mission success. Fognigma's secure networks are complete with communication and collaboration tools such as: 


Secure Telephony

With Fognigma’s traceless phone solution, Holler, users can place fully encrypted phone calls and communicate with trusted / untrusted entities. Users can create telephone networks, extensions, call chains and calling cards.

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Network Security

Fognigma provides a variety of software and hardware solutions, that allows enterprises to completely secure their network connections. All solutions are wrapped in FIPS 140-2 validated, cascading AES-256 encryption.

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Secure File Sharing

Fognigma’s secure file share can be granularly controlled by an organization’s administrators. Admins can restrict access to specific folders and files. Additionally, special links can be created for external file sharing.

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Secure Chat Messaging

Fognigma’s secure chat messaging solution allows users to send automatically encrypted messages and files to anyone within their organization. Easily protect your communications without requiring extensive manual configuration steps.

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Enterprise Web Proxies

Fognigma’s Portal Proxy solution disguises the location of important resources. Users can anonymously visit any website, hiding their IP and location and masking their organization's own websites making them truly invisible.

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Secure Video Conferencing

Virtually communicate in a secure, encrypted video conferencing environment. Fognigma’s video conferencing solution allows users to safely communicate with trusted and untrusted parties without the risk of intrusion.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructures

Fognigma’s VDIs provide a sandboxed, single-use, disposable virtual desktop environment that allows users to access resources within a Fognigma network, or the public internet, via a protected, traceless connection.

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Remote Work Environments

Fognigma provides a robust, secure, scalable remote work environment for organizations of any size, no matter where your team is. Users can deploy custom VPNs in minutes, complete with communication and collaboration solutions.

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Implementation Options

Fognigma is the only secure communication platform designed to be completely owned and operated by the customer. To coincide with organizations needs, Fognigma can be deployed in three different ways.


With an on-premise implementation, the Fognigma engine is installed on hardware in your network.


A cloud implementation installs the Fognigma engine directly in the cloud.


A hybrid implementation works with your existing network instead of replacing it and combines both the on-premise and cloud implementations.