Fognigma's Secure, Encrypted Telephony

Conceal who you call and text with end to end encryption 


Holler disassociates the caller from the receiver by using disposable SIP numbers as intermediaries. Whether the call is contained within Holler, outbound, or inbound, there is no way to link the caller and receiver.


Holler works on any device capable of VoIP telephony, whether it’s mobile or desktop-based. Holler lets you bring your own device with you, wherever your mission may lead.


Holler calls can be joined anywhere in the world, safely and securely. Your mission resources are spread out all over the world, and now so is the reach of your traceless telephony.


Holler is adaptable for your organization’s needs. Adding or removing users, extensions, numbers, etc. is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Users Can Discreetly
Call and Text

Holler allows users to dissociate their numbers and obscure their calls by creating a chain of two leased VoIP phone numbers. These numbers exist between the user and the external contact and forwards calls and texts between them, hiding the user’s number dissociating it
from the contact’s number. This allows users to communicate with anyone, without revealing their true numbers, identities, or any record of communication between their personal numbers and the people they contact.



An organization (located in the U.S.) needs to communicate with an agent in an unsecure
location on the other side of the world (located in Belgium) without risking the exposure of the
agent or the organization.