Conceal your number, identity, and who you’re calling with Holler, Fognigma’s end-to-end encrypted telephony solution.

Misattribution & Anonymity

Holler disassociates the caller from the receiver by using disposable SIP numbers as intermediaries for call chains, persona calling cards, SMS forwarding to/from a chat server, and more. There is no way to link the caller and receiver because true numbers are never revealed.


Holler works with any phone without requiring software installation, as well as desktops and VDIs with softphone software. Make and receive misattributed calls and texts from mobile phones, laptops and desktops, or Fognigma VDIs.

Global Reach

Holler leverages SIP numbers from up to 5 providers to ensure global reach. Make and receive calls from anywhere, using localized numbers from around the world to create an authentic presence during operation.

Efficient Administration

Holler’s user-friendly interface allows administrators to configure misattributed telephony capabilities in under a minute. If a number is compromised, it can be replaced with a new one in seconds.

Anonymously Call & Text Anyone, from Anywhere

Holler helps organizations to misattribute and anonymize the numbers and identities of callers and recipients, and enables efficient management of multiple businesses, roles, teams, or personas – without requiring new software, phone lines, or devices.


Scenario: Anonymizing Call Chain

An organization (located in the U.S.) needs to communicate with an agent in an unsecure location on the other side of the world (located in Belgium) without risking the exposure of the agent or the organization.