Spawner Storm

Anonymize Fognigma system activity, connections, and interactions with Spawner Storm — no manual administration required.

System Anonymity

Spawner Storm uses a rotating pool of disposable cloud-based proxy instances as intermediaries to anonymize Fognigma’s interactions with commercial cloud providers and the virtual machines used to host resources.

Full Automation

Spawner Storm operates in the background every time Fognigma communicates with commercial cloud providers and virtual machines, automatically destroying and regenerating proxies after use.

Low Cost

Spawner Storm proxies consist of low-cost PaaS micro-instances, and pool sizes can be customized based on the number of Fognigma resources needed.

Global Reach

Spawner Storm uses proxies from up to 10+ providers around the world to provide flexible, global anonymity.

Effortlessly Hide System Activity

Spawner Storm anonymizes Fognigma’s operation when deploying virtual machines and configuring them, ensuring there are no associations created between Fognigma and the networks and resources it creates. The process is completely automated, operates in the background, and can be configured in seconds after the Fognigma engine is installed.



An organization is completing a sensitive operation in highly hostile digital space that requires total an extremely high degree of anonymity and security. This nature of this mission and related data make the organization a desirable target of high-level, hostile actors. To maximize operational success, the organization must ensure there are no associations created between users, network, and resources at any point in the operation.

Spawner Storm