Allow users to authenticate without connecting directly to the central Fognigma server or knowing its location with Wisps.

Decentralized Authentication

A Wisp is a cloud-hosted instance that bundles tokens and access permissions into a unique URL and acts as an intermediary between the user and central Fognigma server during authentication.

Automation & Encryption

Each time a user’s access to Fognigma networks and resources changes, their Wisp is updated automatically. It can also be encrypted for additional security.

Low Cost

Wisps are hosted on low-cost, cloud-based instances from commercial PaaS providers. During periods of inactivity, they can be deactivated.

Easy Administration

Wisps are deployed in seconds from the Fognigma administrative interface, ready in a few minutes, and can be deleted instantly.

Authenticate Without Connecting To The Server — Or Knowing Its Location

In traditional environments, users must know where the server is located to authenticate, creating more risk. Wisps enable users to authenticate with the central Fognigma server without connecting to it directly, bundling each user’s access and authentications in a web-hosted URL. Because users never need to know its location, they’re unable to compromise it accidentally or intentionally.



An organization is working with a temporary contractor for a six-month period. Because the contract is temporary and there is limited trust between the two parties, the organization wants to avoid granting direct access to the central Fognigma server or sharing its true location. The organization creates a Wisp for the contractor to grant access to resources, while eliminating any path back to the location of the server. When the contractor is finished, an administrator can delete the Wisp in a single click, completely eliminating any potential for the contractor to act maliciously.