Automate the encryption and decryption of files with Erebus, Fognigma’s file storage and sharing system, which incorporates a proprietary encryption system called Conclave to automate the generation, exchange, and management of encryption keys.

Automated Encryption

Conclave completely automates every step of the encryption process, enabling users to rapidly share files without compromising security. Simply drag and drop files to upload them, and Conclave handles the rest.

External File Sharing

Special links can be created to share files or folders with parties outside of your organization. External parties will only be able to see the files you share, and uploads can be deleted automatically after a designated time period or number of downloads.

Anonymous Access

Erebus incorporates Fognigma's Portal Proxy technology to provide unique, anonymizing, intermediary access paths to the server for each user, hiding activity and associations within vast amounts of commercial web traffic.


Erebus works with any device, and all encryption keys are unique to each user and device. Files are encrypted and decrypted on-device.

Encrypted File Sharing Made Easy

Chat messaging is great for sharing small files, but aren’t suited for sharing sizable files or managing large numbers of files. Commercial file servers lack the security necessary to protect your most sensitive information, and manually managing file encryption is tedious and time-consuming.

Erebus uses Fognigma’s Conclave encryption system to automate encryption and decryption of files, simplifying the sharing and management of files without costing security.


Scenario: Secure, Rapid File Sharing

An organization is operating in multiple contested locations and requires a secure, cloud-based means to share files between operatives. To ensure operational success, the location of the server must be kept secret, and user identities and interactions with the server must be protected to avoid drawing attention or compromising the mission. To meet these requirements, an administrator deploys an Erebus server into a Fognigma network.