Network Access Hardware Solutions

Protect IoT and IP devices and provide users access to Fognigma networks with the Wicket or Gateway, Fognigma’s portable and headquarters-based hardware clients.


A small, portable hardware device that provides a small number of user or devices access to Fognigma networks.

IP Device Protection

Wickets are the perfect solution for protecting IoT and IP-enabled devices with Fognigma. Protect any IoT device or multiple workstations by placing a Wicket between your modem and router. Any device connected to that router's Wi-Fi connection will be protected by an available Fognigma network.

Device Locking

The Wicket can be locked from the GUI remotely or by the user. Once locked, all sensitive information on the device is protected in an encrypted storage area and cannot be accessed until a PIN is entered to restore functionality.

Portable Access

Wickets are small, portable, and easy to set up. Anyone can completely secure and obfuscate their network activity, while at home or on travel, simply by connecting the Wicket to an Internet source, and a device (VoIP phone, wireless router, or any other IoT or IP-enabled device) to the Wicket.

Remote Support

Administrators can securely access the Wicket remotely to assist with setup, reconfigure it, or provide troubleshooting support. Wickets are accessible via VNC or SSH connections from a remote server, which are protected using Fognigma’s Portal Proxy technology.


Wickets connect users, devices, and small workgroups to a Fognigma network. Connect IP-enabled devices such as VoIP phones, wireless routers, workstations, and IoT devices to a Wicket and any data passed will be secured, protected, and obfuscated within Fognigma —without requiring the installation of additional software.


A stationary hardware device suited for headquarters environments that provides
large numbers of users access to Fognigma networks.

Built-in Misattribution

With a Gateway, users are automatically connected to a Fognigma network before they ever reach the Internet, so their online activities are dissociated from their worksite and traffic is directed through Fognigma network exit points hosted around the world.

Seamless Integration

Gateways can be integrated with existing infrastructure without requiring a complete overhaul, and allow administrators to continue using existing network monitoring capabilities already in place.

Easy Administration

The Gateway includes a web-based administrative portal to allow administrators to view which users are connected, terminate connections, add IPs to a bypass, configure advanced settings, and more.

Multiple User & Network Support

Gateways support large numbers of users and allow them to select any available Fognigma network, entyr point, and exit point to which they’ve been assigned.


Gateways route users through Fognigma networks before allowing them to access the Internet, ensuring they’re always protected—no additional software installation required. The web-based Gateway administrative portal gives administrators complete control over user authentication, user permissions, project access, and connection management.

Network security


Scenario: Location Misattribution

Agents based in a small field office in an unsecured location in South Africa need to communicate back to their US based headquarters and with each other. The agents conduct mission work from the small field office in South Africa, at home, and on travel; however, they must appear as though they are based in the United States.

network security image


Scenario: Large-scale Location Misattribution

An agency in the United States has multiple agents in the same field office requiring access to mission specific projects, the ability to collaborate and needs to optimize network resources. The agency’s network activity must be protected and obfuscated by ensuring agents are assigned unique network paths.

network security image