Fognigma's Portal Proxy Solution

Disguise and Hide Online Resources From Your Adversaries

Hide Online Connections

Portal Proxies obfuscate a user’s true path while connected to online resources, making it very difficult to determine where a user is actually going online.

On-Demand Misdirection

Create a Portal Proxy with just a few clicks in the Fognigma UI. New Web Proxies are ready to use in the time it takes to read this sentence.

Misattribute Users

By using different Portal Proxies, users cannot be identified as originating from, or arriving at, identical Internet locations. They can work together yet appear separate.

Destroy at Any Time

Portal Proxies can be destroyed either manually or scheduled automatically. In fact, admins can turn Portal Proxies on and off at any time – Helpful, for example, if they need to be active only during specific hours.

Disguise Your Internet Activity
& Your Own Websites

Portal Proxies are rapidly generated PaaS instances that disguise the location of important resources and external Fognigma engine interactions. Proxies allow users to visit websites via unique URLs that are different from the actual site URLs, so no trace of where the user actually went is left on the local machine. In addition, the web server never sees the Internet address of the user’s computer.



An organization’s employees are traveling and working remotely in an unsecured location under
surveillance. Due to the nature of the organization’s work, it’s imperative that the employees’ connection to the organization remains hidden to prevent corporate espionage. To avoid compromising the employees, the organization creates Portal Proxies to allow the employees to communicate with the organization’s servers safely.

Portal Proxies