Hide Your Internet Activity
& Your Own Websites

Portal Proxy, Fognigma’s patented web proxy solution, allows organizations to anonymously browse any website, hiding their IP and location. Portal Proxies can also be used to protect and hide an organization’s own URLs for resources like file and chat servers, making them virtually impossible for anyone outside of your organization to find.


Allow Users to Browse Anonymously

Portal Proxies are unique, on-demand URLs used to access web services (including internal Fognigma components). These URLs disassociate the user's true location and IP from their destination. Portal Proxies are leading edge solutions for web proxy demands.

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Enterprise Web proxies

True Internet Anonymity

Fognigma's web proxy masks users' locations and IPs, allowing anonymous Internet activity, data collection, online monitoring, and more.

Rapidly deployable

On-Demand Misdirection

Create a Portal Proxy with just a few clicks in the Fognigma UI. New Portal Proxies are ready to use in the time it takes to read this sentence.

Dynamic & scalable

Dynamic & Scalable

Portal Proxies are scalable, providing unique, disassociative access points to any number of users. Once created, Portal Proxies are dynamically editable (either manually or as part of a programmed schedule).

Cloud-based & Paas compatible

Cloud-Based & PaaS Compatible

Portal Proxies several commercial PaaS providers spanning regions around the world to serve as dissociative links between users and their online target. This allows users to bypass restrictions and reach websites that were not previously accessible.


Hide Your Internet Presence from the World

Portal Proxies let organizations hide their own online resources from internal and external parties. Users can access organizational resources without knowing the true location of those resources.

Hide online connections

Hide Online Connections

Portal Proxies obfuscate a user’s true path while connected to online resources, making it very difficult to determine where a user is actually going online.

External protection

Provide External Protection

When using Portal Proxies, external parties are unable to discover your organization’s online origins. Due to their disposability, Portal Proxies limit the time any party can attempt to track back connectivity.

Misattributed users

Misattribute Users

By using different Portal Proxies, users cannot be identified as originating from, or arriving at, identical Internet locations. They can work together yet appear separate.

Custmizable Remote Desktops - Fognigma

Customize Proxies

Portal Proxy URLs can be customized and are completely unique to each instance. These URLs can be randomly generated or purposefully crafted to fit online activities or personas.

Disposable Remote Desktops

Destroy at any Time

Portal Proxies can be destroyed either manually or scheduled automatically. In fact, admins can turn Portal Proxies on and off at any time – Helpful, for example, if they need to be active only during specific hours.