Your Instant Messaging
Made Secure

Chat messaging is quickly becoming the new way for organizations to communicate, replacing email for a variety of reasons. Chat is faster, easier to configure for multi-person chat, quicker for sharing files, and offers a more personal connection to the team.

Our chat solution applies this same convenience and ease of use to security and encryption through one of Fognigma’s core features, Conclave. Conclave automates the management and exchange of encryption keys, eliminating tedious administrative tasks.


Chat Messaging Taken to the Next Level

Fognigma protects chat messaging with its invisible and secure network, along with cascading AES-256 encryption. With Conclave and Fognigma, you don’t have to choose between convenience or security for a team chat solution:

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Safter than email

Safer Than Email

Chat messaging removes the risk of phishing scams while still letting your organization communicate quickly.

Globally Accessible

Globally Accessible

Users anywhere in the world can access chat messaging using any available Internet connection.

Works on any device

Compatible With Any Device

Fognigma chat messaging works on any device running any major operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

Dynamic & scalable

Dynamic & Usable

Private and public groups can be created and destroyed as needed to make sure messages get to only those who need to see them.

Conclave: Automated Encryption

Conclave is a proprietary encryption application that allows users on the same server to share files and messages that can only be decrypted by designated users. This encryption technology is also integrated with a specialized chat application, allowing users in your organization to share messages and files across multiple private and public channels in the server. All encryption management tasks are completed behind the scenes, meaning your users can focus solely on the tasks at hand. 

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Fully encrypted

Encrypt Communications Without the Work

Conclave automates the manual steps normally associated with asymmetric encryption.

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Maintain Key Control

Keys are stored only with the client device and never shared within the network.

Automated encryption services

Protect Your Communications

Everything is encrypted before it leaves the sender.