Fognigma's Secure Video Conferencing Solution

Anonymous, Encrypted Virtual Communication

End - To - End Encryption

Video conferences inside a Fognigma Network are protected by FIPS 140-2 validated, cascading AES-256 encryption.

Chat & Share Screen

During a conference, users also have access to chat and can share screens to maximize communication possibilities.

Globally Accessible

Users anywhere in the world can access a video conference using any available Internet connection.

Compatible With Any Device

Fognigma video conferencing works on any device running any major operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

Video Chat Securely
Anywhere, Anytime

By leveraging Fognigma’s revolutionary Portal Proxy and ZeroProfile capabilities, Speakeasy provides secure conference rooms and proxy access points to allow users to connect. Speakeasy
conference rooms are completely undiscoverable by any third party, protected within a Fognigma Network using ZeroProfile smart firewalls. Access points create a unique network path for each user that prevents any common associations with other users. Speakeasy can be completely automated, creating and destroying conference rooms and access points as needed.

Secure Video Conference solutions



An organization has employees working around the world on missions in unsecured locations
that are under surveillance. They use Speakeasy to communicate, collaborate, and provide mission updates while avoiding eavesdropping or creating associations between users.