Fognigma's Network Security Solutions

Provide multiple users access to multiple Fognigma networks in an office environment.
Protect your IOT and IP enabled devices.

Protection for Any IP Device

Wickets are the perfect solution for protecting IoT and IP-enabled devices. Automatically connect your VoIP phone to your Fognigma telephony system by attaching a Wicket to your phone. Protect any IoT device or multiple workstations by placing a Wicket between your modem and router. Any device connected to that router's Wi-Fi connection will be protected by the Fognigma network.

Device Locking

The Wicket can be locked from the GUI remotely or by the user. Once locked, all sensitive information on the device is protected in an encrypted storage area and cannot be accessed until a PIN is entered to restore functionality. 

Secure, Portable Access

Wickets are small, easy to carry, and simple to set up. Even a non-technical user can completely secure and obfuscate their network activity, while at home or on travel, simply by connecting one side of the Wicket to whatever Internet access is available, and then plugging anything, from a VoIP phone to a wireless router, into the other side.

Remote Support

Administrators can access the Wicket securely and remotely in order to reconfigure it or assist a user in getting it set up. Wickets are accessible via VNC or SSH connections from a remote server, which are protected using Fognigma’s Portal Proxy technology.


When you need to connect users, devices, and small workgroups to a Fognigma Network without having to install software on personal devices, use the Wicket. Connect IP enabled devices such as VOIP phones, wireless routers, workstations, and IoT devices to a Wicket and any data passed will be secure, protected and obfuscated with the Fognigma network.

Built - in Misattribution

With a Gateways, users are automatically connected to a secure VPN before they ever reach the Internet, so their online activities are dissociated from their worksite and appear to be originating at a Fognigma Exit Point unique to their selected VPN. 

Complete Visability

Because Gateway sits at the perimeter of your network, like a firewall, none of your users' traffic is obscured while it is inside your corporate network. So all of your existing network monitoring, logging, firewalls, and IDS/IPS solutions will still work.

Network Administration Portal

Using the Gateway's administrative portal, designated administrators can view user activity, manage connections and user permissions, and control advanced Gateway settings and processes. 

Multiple User & VPN Support

One Gateway can handle multiple users and VPNs, providing flexibility in managing and securing work. Users can collaborate in one VPN, or have their own separate VPNs. This way they are never associated with each other and can never compromise each other's data.


When you need to provide multiple users in the same office access to multiple Fognigma networks and automatically connect them to a secure VPN before ever reaching the internet, use the Gateway. The web-based Gateway administrative portal gives your designated
administrators complete control over user authentication, user permissions, project access and connection management.

Network security



Agents based in a small field office in an insecure location (South Africa) need to communicate back to their US based headquarters and with each other. The agents conduct mission work from the small field office in South Africa, at their homes and on travel; however, must appear as though they are based in the United States

network security image



An agency in the United States has multiple agents in the same field office requiring access to mission specific projects, the ability to collaborate and needs to optimize network resources. The agency’s network activity must be protected and obfuscated by ensuring agents are assigned unique network paths.

network security image