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What Does ‘Covert Communications’ Actually Mean?

Data breaches are an everyday occurrence in this digital age. Covert communications have become more critical than ever before. What exactly is covert communication, and how does it work?

Covert communication refers to any form of deliberately hidden or disguised communication to avoid detection from unauthorized users or parties. Read more about its benefits in your company’s software and what to look out for.

The Essence of Covert Communication

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Covert communications are one of the foundational aspects of cyber security. Protect the way your employees communicate with a physical layer security system or program. Online marketing companies and remote work environments use this as a safety method to maintain privacy over shared content.

Fognigma is a company you can trust. We offer services that ensure all your conversations, video calls, phone calls, messaging, and more remain confidential.

Employees may think that messaging or talking on the phone is not easy to hack into from an outside source. Wireless communications can transmit quickly by the wrong users without a physical layer security software installed. People on the dark web are skilled at infiltrating into covert communication of any kind. Hiding information has become more serious than ever.

We offer solutions for voice, video, chat, and messaging to safeguard your company’s information from external threats and interceptions. Our team installs covert code and safety systems that make it difficult for someone on the dark web to intercept the data.

Secure Video Conferencing

You should not have to worry about someone infiltrating your video conference and accessing your company’s information. Teleconferencing is extremely common since remote work took center stage, so having a secure management solution is a high priority. Covert communication across video conferencing tools gives a company low chances that someone can detect your information methods. Fognigma offers end-to-end encryption services and systems to help identify eavesdropping of any kind.

Secure Telephone with Holler

Holler is a great telephony system that Fognigma uses repeatedly with wireless communications. If you work for the government, you use the phone quite often. Holler can allow top level monitoring with a direct response to unauthorized parties listening in. Encrypting phone calls and rendering conversations are two ways that Holler does this.

Our signal processing services can give an added capability to protect data, systems, and more on all communication tools. Compromising covert communication will not happen on your next client phone call.

Encrypted Chat Messaging with Wireless Communications

Chat messaging can surprisingly also be a victim of cyber hacking with covert code in place. Covert communication like this is an extremely important thing to have installed. Fognigma provides safety messaging services to make sure files and data automatically go through encryption. As a result, the company’s entire network can only be accessible to authorized individuals.

Military companies use chat wireless communications daily. To protect this type of covert communication, Fognigma offers strategic methods and services like signal processing, infiltration detection, and other cybersecurity techniques.

Target Audience and Implementation

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Covert communication is more important than ever, especially having a business primarily on the internet. If an online marketing business is in a remote work environment, having covert communications in place is extremely important. Cybersecurity professionals can benefit from protecting their plans as well as remote workers and their higher ups.

You should not have to worry about someone listening to your wireless communications. Digital snooping techniques can be hard to identify at first. With the help of Fognigma, workers can speak confidentially without their data going to competitors or hackers.

How important is covert communication in the online marketing world?

In government, companies talk to clients quite a bit, as well as their coworkers. Because of this, covert communications are essential. Military companies constantly deal with sensitive data. They may share that information with tools and systems that do not have proper protection.

Fognigma has access to services that can help with signal processing, covert code, artificial noise, and covert communication. When an employee wants to use a chat or video call, their devices will not be at risk for hacking.

Fognigma: The Professional of Covert Communications for Digital Marketing and More

Whether you are in marketing, finance, or even something as specific as energy, covert communication is a must. Fognigma’s solutions deliver covert communications via a suite of tools that protect data and information without manual configuration steps. Companies can now have a peace of mind to communicate effectively without their business being susceptible to hacking schemes. In the remote work industry, solutions offered by Fognigma can help an organization avoid the next data breach scandal.

In an era where digital footprints are constantly under scrutiny, having access to covert communication is a necessity. By leveraging advanced communication solutions like those from Fognigma, entities can secure their communications infrastructure smartly and covertly. Covert Communications and Secure Telephony are not just buzzwords but the pillars of modern organizational resilience.We live in a world where the invisible threads of communication form the backbone of successful enterprises. Make sure your communication is unseen, unheard, and untouchable with Fognigma. Visit our website for more information about our service offerings.

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely - Fognigma

Fognigma Solves Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely - Fognigma

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is effective collaboration. 

In an office environment, everything is in a single, secured location. We take for granted how easy it is to efficiently communicate and interact with other people, our data, documents, and other files we need each day. 

Remote work introduces several variables that can make secure, effective collaboration a logistical nightmare. Outdated technology and software, unsecured home networks, and limited access to company information can create major security risks and make collaboration a hassle. 

With Fognigma, the biggest challenge of working remotely is solved, organizations can collaborate seamlessly and securely from anywhere – just as effectively as from the office. 

Using Fognigma’s cutting-edge, customizable VPNs, organizations can: 

Communicate face-to-face in a secure video conferencing server: Fognigma’s video conferences are completely encrypted, live on servers entirely owned by your organization, are completely private, and invisible to everyone but the parties involved. 

Safely store and share sensitive company information on a secure file server: With Fognigma, secure file sharing is made easy. Users can download, upload, and share sensitive company information. Furthermore, special links can be created if specific files needs to be shared with outsiders. 

Send messages and files protected with end-to-end encryption to anyone in your organization: Fognigma’s technology simplifies and automates the encryption, allowing users to easily send secure messages and files to anyone in their organization.

Biggest Challenge of Working Remotely Solved With Fognigma

Access company resources and the Internet from traceless, sandboxed VDIs: Using Fognigma’s VDIs, users can anonymously browse the Internet, access company resources and more while appearing to be anywhere in the world. Users Internet activity leaves no footprint of where they went, removing the risk of hackers tracking where they went or what organization they belong to. 

Obscure and misattribute phone numbers to protect calls and texts: With Fognigma, users can text and call without revealing their true numbers or what is said during the conversation. 

Fognigma makes safe, effective remote collaboration easy – for everyone, no matter where they are. With Fognigma, your organizations biggest challenge while working remotely is solved! 

Don’t let remote work hinder your organizations business operations. Solve your organizations biggest challenge with Fognigma. Contact us to learn more. 

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Benefits of Using a Fognigma VPN While Working Remote

Fognigma VPNs While Working Remote

Organizations all over the United States have closed their doors and implemented work from home policies due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. With that, security is most likely the number one concern in organizations right now. 

Fognigma Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the ideal solution when it comes to security concerns, especially during this work from home time. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using Fognigma VPNs and how your organization can benefit from using them while working remote. 

Benefits of Fognigma VPNs

Encryption and Connection Security: Every connection within a Fognigma network features two layers of encryption, using two-separate cryptographic libraries, which means that Fogngima networks are immune to zero-day cryptographic compromises. You don’t ever have to worry about your data being exposed. 

Total Network Invisibility: Fognigma allows your traffic to hide in the vast pool of IP addresses allocated to the millions of people who are using the Cloud at any one time, recycling IPs that have been used by others in the past and will be used by others in the future. All access to the Fognigma network is protected by firewalls, so your networks and nodes do not appear to exist when scanned, probed, or attacked. 

Anonymity Without Compromise: With Fognigma’s technology, no one can trace your networks back to you or your organization. 

Secure Network Automation: Using Fognigma’s built in scheduling feature, you can completely automate production of VPNs and resources, allowing your organization to create secure, fully encrypted networks without the need for dedicated operators. Users can instruct the engine to create, edit, or destroy VPNs and resources automatically at different times on specific days of the week. This streamlines the VPN setup process and allows your organization to accomplish more, while spending less time on the network management. 

How can Organizations Benefit from using Fognigma VPNs While Working Remote?

VPN While Working Remote - Fogngima VPN

Fognigma VPNs are Easily Deployable: Your entire organization can be secured in on-demand networks in just the click of a mouse. This leaves less time for unnecessary security steps, and more time to focus on necessary job responsibilities. 

Completed with Secure Communication and Collaboration Tools: Fognigma networks are equipped with all the communication and collaboration tools organizations need to work from home. Video conferencing, encrypted telephony, secure file servers, sandboxed VDIs, and user specific message and file encryption are all components available within Fognigma networks. 

Burned After Use:  When users are done working for the day, Fognigma networks can be destroyed in the click of a mouse leaving absolutely no forensic footprint. Then, spun back up when remote users are ready to start working the next day. 

Fully Encrypted: Every connection within a Fognigma network is encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Whether your users have a team video conference, share sensitive documents in the group chat or browse the internet for company research they are completely secure. 

Networks Are Only On When You Need Them: Fognigma networks are not time consuming, expensive and high maintenance networks, they are on-demand and only exist when users in your organization need them. 

Fognigma networks are the perfect solution when it comes to securing your entire organization while your users are working from home. Fognigma networks are completely private to your organization and invisible to third parties. Everything organization’s need to do their job, whether in the office or at home, are inside of Fognigma networks. 

It’s not too late to secure your organization. Get started with Fognigma VPNs today. 


Easily Secure Your Organization’s Remote Work Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies with little time to prepare for remote working. There is no doubt, this leaves the door open for vulnerabilities when it comes to companies sensitive information. 

During this trivial time, its imperative employees continue to effectively work even remotely. But how can they do so when they work with confidential company information and don’t want to risk potential intrusion? 

With Fognigma, remote work environments are made easy. Your entire company, no matter the size, no matter the location, can have secure remote work environments up and running quickly. 

Fognigma lets you create and deploy custom VPNs in minutes, and is completed with secured communications and collaboration solutions such as: 

Video Conferencing - Fognigma


Video conferencing with screensharing and chat features

Users can virtually communicate face-to-face in trusted and untrusted environments. Video conferences are completely encrypted at both ends for total protection, globally accessible, and supported on devices running all major operating systems. 

Private, encrypted telephony networks with conference calling, and chat server integration

Holler is an encrypted telephony service that uses interchangeable SIP numbers from around the world to provide specialized voice calling configurations for any situation. Holler allows users to speak and text with third parties without revealing their true numbers. Holler leverages intermediary SIP numbers to ensure user anonymity. 

Secure File Sharing - Fognigma

Secure file servers

Secure file sharing has never been easier. Users just connect to their enterprise’s secure file share, and then treat is as an extension of their computer’s file system. Drag and drop to copy/move files in the file share. Additionally, special public links can be created if files need to be shared outside of the enterprise. Outside users will only be able to access the files and/or folders that were specifically shared with them. 


Sandboxed VDIs with secure local file transfer, file server integration, and more

Fognigma’s VDIs allow users to anonymously browse the Internet while appearing to be in almost any location around the world, can be destroyed within just a few mouse clicks, and can be completely customized to enterprises needs.  

End-to-end, user specific message and file encryption

Communications are protected by cascading AES-256. This chat messaging solution can be used anywhere in the world and works on any device running any major operating system.  Private and public groups can be created and destroyed as needed to ensure messages only get to those intended for. 

Through Fognigma’s user-friendly interface, you can automate and schedule custom VPN production, create and assign users and groups, and more. 

Using simple software or hardware solutions, users can secure their connections and safely access these resources from anywhere – whether at home or traveling. At the end of the workday, VPNs and resources can be destroyed in just a few clicks, ready to be redeployed the next day. 

Fognigma is the ultimate solution for a secure, easy to use, scalable remote work environment. 

Contact Dexter Edward to secure your companies work environments. 

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Communication & Collaboration Solutions for Remote Work

With the recent restrictions on large gatherings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies all over the United States are implementing a work from home policy. With these abrupt changes come new security vulnerabilities – and little time to prepare for them. 

In an office environment, you can manage risks by creating a secure networking environment and implementing and enforcing security policies in your day to day operations. Remote work introduces countless variables – especially on such short notice – with each employee’s home connection creating a potential vulnerability. 

For companies that have implemented a work from home policy, sensitive data is more vulnerable than ever. Without the protection and convenience of a singular secured networking environment, cybersecurity measures for remote workers must be adaptable, easy to implement, and user-friendly. 

Dexter Edward specializes in cybersecurity solutions that allow users to communicate and collaborate securely and seamlessly, whether in the office, at home, or traveling for work. With a wide variety of products for any networking environment, Dexter Edward provides solutions to protect remote workers and company communication and collaboration from attackers. 

Fognigma Virtual Private NetworkNETWORK ANONYMITY

Fognigma VPN

Fognigma VPN is a specialized, customizable virtual private network (VPN) that provides streamlined, user-friendly access to protected communication and collaboration services, including file servers, chat servers, VDIs, and more. Fognigma provides anonymity without compromise, offering complete network control and management, total network invisibility, encryption and connection security, advanced firewalling, and secure network automation. 


A Wicket is a small, portable misattribution device that connects to a Fognigma VPN and protects single users and small groups, as well as IoT and other network-enabled devices. Wickets are easy to use, making them ideal for securing a home environment – users connect their device to the Wicket, and it automatically creates a secure connection to a Fognigma Network, allowing them to freely access protected resources without risk. 


Content Encryption - Fognigma


Conclave is an encrypted communication solution featuring end-to-end message and file encryption. Your team can send messages and share files, and Conclave automatically completes end-to-end encryption, so correspondence never exists in the clear outside of the users devices. This prevents eavesdroppers from accessing information while it’s in transit. Conclave works with all major operating systems and mobile platforms, providing seamless, secure access to messages and shared files from smartphones, laptops, or desktops. 

With Conclave, your team can communicate and collaborate quickly and securely – without the need for complicated, time-consuming encryption steps or additional security training. 




Portal Proxy

Portal Proxies are instantly generated PaaS instances that disguise the location of important resources and act as intermediaries for Fognigma engine requests to cloud providers. When users access a Portal Proxy, the Internet provider receives a request for the users to access a third-party PaaS provider website, and the destination website receives a request from the PaaS provider website. The true destination is hidden to any external observer, and it never links back to users. 

Portal Proxies can be used to hide Fognigma engines, sensitive resources, and more. This allows you to grant users access to needed resources without revealing their IPs. Portal Proxies prevent malicious users from compromising the locations of sensitive resources such as file servers, and can be deleted in seconds from the Fognigma web console. With Portal Proxies, your most sensitive data is safe from internal and external attacks. 

These are just a few of the solutions in the Fognigma product line. We offer additional solutions related to Internet misattribution, persona-based sandboxed VDIs, call and text misattribution, and more. 

Protect your sensitive data and company communication and collaboration. Contact us to learn more about how our products can help secure your company – no matter where you work. 

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The Telephony Solution Your Organization Needs

It wasn’t that long ago that email was the standard communication tool for businesses, primarily due to its convenience, popularity, and accessibility. In the United States, 76% of adults use email. Globally, nearly half of the population uses email, and it’s easy to see why. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and requires little technical knowledge.

But as technology continually shifts and creates new cybersecurity threats, email correspondence is no longer a reliable solution for secure communication. With the increase in phishing scams and other email attacks, organizations must respond with a new communication solution.

Phone calls and text messages remain popular due to their convenience, but like email, they lack essential protection against popular attacks. When your organization’s private information is on the line, a secure communication solution is essential.

Fognigma’s cutting-edge secure telephony solution can protect your organization’s users and data.


What is Holler?

Holler is a fully encrypted telephony service within Fognigma that uses interchangeable SIP numbers from multiple providers around the world to disguise your users’ numbers and provide specialized voice calling and SMS configurations for any situation.

The best part? Holler doesn’t require any specialized, complicated software. All Holler features are configured through the user-friendly console with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Holler:

Fognigma Holler - Telephony Solution

  1. Voice Call & SMS Dissociation: Holler routes voice calls and text messages through multiple intermediary SIP numbers. This allows users to speak with and text third parties without revealing their true numbers, preventing any association between the true caller and destination numbers. These call chains can be modified or removed at any time in just a few seconds.
  2. Obfuscation and Global Misattribution: With Holler, a user’s true number is never revealed to a third party. Holler supports up to three different SIP providers, allowing you to configure Holler features with numbers from countries all around the world. This obfuscation is twofold: it hides user numbers and allows you to maintain a regional appearance anywhere.

Holler makes secure, simple, and user-friendly calling and texting a reality. All communications are end-to-end encrypted. Third parties are unable to find where a call originates, where it ends, or what’s said during it.

With Holler, your organization’s private conversations stay private.

Want to learn more about how Fogngima’s telephony solution works? Contact us to schedule a demo at our headquarters or have us come to you.

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Automated Cybersecurity Solutions

With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced software processes come new cybersecurity risks. Hackers have more tools than ever before, utilizing new technology to automate their attacks on a larger scale.

With these automated attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and relentless, it’s imperative to take prevention measures with an equally sophisticated automated cybersecurity solution. 

With the large volume of attacks automation and machine learning bring, your defense must be scaled to match. Automated cybersecurity solutions create faster risk prevention and reduces the volume of risks that require human attention, freeing you and your users to focus on the goals and tasks at hand. 


Fognigma’s patented software provides secure, sophisticated, and automated cybersecurity solutions needed to address these threats. 

Reverb: What private telephony communication was meant to be. 

Fognigma’s Reverb provides a traceless telephony solution with encrypted telephone numbers, extensions, and call chains. This ensures your calls and communications are hidden from the world behind the invisibility of Fognigma networks. 

Under the protection of Fognigma’s sophisticated obfuscation technology, your telephony communications stay between caller and recipient. Third parties can’t trace where calls originate, where they end, or what was said. 

With Reverb, your private conversations stay private. 

Encrypted Instant Messaging For All

Fognigma provides instant messaging chat servers within its invisible and secure networks, protected by cascading AES-256 encryption. This dynamic and user-friendly solution eliminates the risks of phishing scams, works on any device running any major operating system, and is globally accessible. 

The best part? It’s fully automated, meaning your organization can immediately incorporate encrypted communication and basic file sharing into its day-to-day operations through a familiar, easy-to-use interface. 

When it comes to the security of your everyday communications, encryption should be easy for everyone. 

Automated CyberSecurity Solution: Securing Video Conferencing


Secure Video Conferencing and Screensharing

Fognigma’s secure and encrypted video conference solution allows participants to chat and share screens. This is ideal for team-building exercises, mission briefings, and other instances where face-to-face conversation is preferred. 

This also allows your users to communicate with untrusted outside sources without risk to either party. Fognigma allows your organization to video conference between trusted and untrusted parties without risking the security of anyone on either side.

This solution features end-to-end encryption, is globally accessible, and works on any device running any major operating system. 

Share Files Without RiskAutomed Cybersecurity Solutions: Secure File Sharing

Encrypted file shares are one of the safest ways to store sensitive data such as company polices, intellectual property, company communication logs, marketing collateral, and many other important files. 

Using Fognigma, you can create an encrypted file server within your private network, allowing your users to easily drag and drop files or share items with external parties using a customized link. 

Users can also access the file share using protected virtual desktop instances for even greater security.

Automate VPN management and accomplish more 

Using Fognigma’s sophisticated, fully customizable automation feature, you can automate production and access to all of the components mentioned above. 

In minutes, you can automate a schedule that will build, manage, and destory a VPN with any of the custom components mentioned above, allowing your organization to focus entirely on productivity. 

These are just a few of the powerful features available with Fognigma. Schedule a demo today to see how Fognigma can automate security for your organization. 

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VoIP vs. Landline Security: A Comparison

Telephones Require Security, Too

Telephones were created to transmit person-to-person communication at a longer distance. Everyone knows that. It’s also expected by most people talking on phones that the conversation is only between themselves and the person or persons at the other end. But we in the cybersecurity world know that’s not always the case. We know that if communications are happening, there are always third parties trying to intercept those communications. Therefore, security is just as important for your telephony as it is for your networks, users, and other systems. VoiP vs Landline security is important for deciding which to use.

For office use, two types of phone systems are the most plentiful: hardwired landlines (also called PSTN, or public switched telephone networks) and virtual VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Which is more secure: landline or VoIP? Let’s explore further.

Landline phones need security


The oldest and more traditional method of telephony is the landline—wires literally stretching all over the world, physically connecting handset to handset (with all the switches, terminals, cables, etc. in between, of course). It’s a system and infrastructure that’s been built up over one hundred years and works via circuit switching (a dedicated link between the two callers that exists as long as the call takes place). By having an actual physical connection, landlines are quite secure. In order to intercept communications, the wires themselves must be hacked into. This is not impossible, but it is quite an undertaking. However, to get this innate security, one must pay for the infrastructure by way of taxes, per-call fees, and other applicable charges. Also, this technology is limited to only voice calls—no other type of data (SMS, video, other file types) can be transmitted.

voip vs landline security


VoIP calls have the curse and blessing of traveling over the Internet. VoIP calls are more feature rich and can transmit voice, video, and files. Because calls are placed over IP, there are little to no fees per call. However, VoIP calls work via packet switching, in which the information is digitally sent over the Internet in sections via many different and ever-changing routes (to be reassembled when they reach the end caller). As this article on Lifewire points out, “It is easier . . . to intercept VoIP data thereby breaching your privacy.” The articles goes on to say, “Many of the nodes through which the VoIP packets pass are not optimized for VoIP communications, which renders the channel vulnerable.”

That was the curse part. The blessing comes in the form of cybersecurity. Since VoIP calls are traveling over the Internet, you can protect them using all the cybersecurity methods you use for your organization, networks, and users. Firewalls, encryption, VPNs, and virus and malware protection (yes, you can get malware from a VoIP call) can enrobe and strengthen the security of VoIP telephony. These security measures are just not available for landline phone systems.

Telephony security is important

One Final Warning

There is one other way to intercept any type of phone call, possibly one you thought about in the section about landlines, and that is eavesdropping. Yes, no matter how much security you put in place, someone simply could be listening in at your door or through an electronic device. This means the final telephony security measure is your own discretion. Are you in a secure location for a call? Is there the possibility that devices could be hidden around you? Is there anywhere more secure you could place the call? Along with the type of telephony your organization is using and its intrinsic and additional security measures, being aware of your surroundings is the extra step which will help your phone calls stay secure.

Fognigma’s telephony solutions take VoIP security to the next level, featuring leading-edge technology and the utmost in communications protection. To learn more how our solutions can help your organization or to schedule a demonstration of them, contact us today.