Enhancing Network Security: Solutions for Today’s Cyber Threats

Online threats happen every day and are constantly evolving. It’s hard to be aware of what might be a cyber threat or a simple spam email, so knowing the levels of network security solutions that can be applied to your business is important. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in their ways, and network security solutions can help protect your network in more ways than one. A potential breach is a company’s worst nightmare. Make sure it doesn’t become a reality.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as One of Many Network Security Solutions

Many people find multi-factor authentication (MFA) annoying, but it’s one of the simplest, most effective ways to enhance online network security solutions. MFA is primarily used when two or more verification factors are needed to gain access to a network. A simple password is not enough. This added layer of cyber security can help keep away unauthorized users from getting into your data and gaining access.

Utilizing Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Another great thing to do to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic in your online traffic is to invest in Next-Generation Firewalls. NGFWs are mainly used to figure out what is causing an intrusion in your data and how to prevent it. It can be done by being a cloud-delivered threat intelligence that fights against brute force attacks and other emerging threats. Advanced malware can have extended detection, along with other potential network security breaches.

Updating and Patching Software Systems

It’s always a good thing to update your software system from time to time. Once you keep your software and operating systems up to date, you can be one step closer to securing your network entirely. Have your IT team make regular updates, patches, and network security releases to ensure your system is always as secure as possible. By staying vigilant with your patch management program, you can significantly lower the risk of successful exploits.

Military Encrypted Phone Services

Recently, there has been an increase in businesses’ use of military-grade encrypted phone services. These services offer end-to-end encryption for all communications, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept and decipher sensitive information. This added layer of network security can be crucial in protecting confidential business data from cybercriminals. Fognigma has grade-a military encrypted phone services and solutions you can trust.

Application Security Solutions

Any sort of application or program companies are not as safe as one might think with security products. Threat actors can hack into any sort of email service providers or other app networks to get access to data and technology. It’s up to companies like Fognigma to offer solutions on protecting both web and mobile applications from threats. These types of endpoint security solutions can prevent attacks as well as monitor malicious activity.

Zero Trust Solution Providers

One of the emerging and most reliable approaches to network security is the zero trust model. This model ensures all users, whether internal or external, are not automatically trusted and must prove their authenticity before accessing any network resources. Many solution providers offer zero-trust solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. Consider incorporating a zero-trust model into your company’s network security strategy for enhanced protection against online and external threats.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Access (ZTNA) is a cloud-based approach that verifies and validates users and devices before allowing them secure access to the network. It’s one of the most proactive ways to prevent unauthorized access and protect against data breaches.

ZTNA ensures secure connectivity for all devices, whether they are company-issued or personal, making it an ideal solution for remote and hybrid work environments. It also enables granular access management and control, minimizing the risk of lateral movement in case of a breach.

Zero Trust Endpoint Network Security

Endpoints are often the most vulnerable entry points for cybercriminals looking to gain access to company networks. Zero Trust Endpoint cyber Security takes a proactive approach by continuously monitoring and verifying endpoints, ensuring they meet network security solutions standards before granting network access. This helps prevent malicious attacks from compromising sensitive data loss prevention and ensures all devices are up to date with the latest cloud security patches.

Conducting Security Audits and Penetration Testing

Having your IT team or Fognigma regularly do security audits and testing is a sure way to keep your network in tact. Think of these as like a practice drill for your security team and with these audits can help uncover weaknesses or vulnerabilities you hadn’t seen before. This is a great way to put extra layers of protection in place so that you can’t be blindsided. Treat these testing and audit exercises seriously otherwise your network defenses are at risk as well as your data.


In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses must prioritize network security to protect against online threats. Implementing multi-factor authentication, utilizing next-generation firewalls, regularly updating software and intrusion prevention systems, and incorporating zero-trust solutions are just a few ways to make your email security, and company network protected.

For a business looking to stay one step ahead of online hacks, Fognigma, a cybersecurity company, offers innovative solutions built to secure your network infrastructure. Our tools are designed to keep up with the dynamics of cybersecurity, and we’re committed to providing the protection your organization needs. Don’t let your guard down – enhance your network security with Fognigma today!


A group of remote workers and/or team members in modern workplaces.

The Top Encrypted Collaboration Tool for Secure Teamwork

Remote working is now a norm and being a remote employee is more than just working from home. Employees now have access to the company’s data and information in the privacy of their personal space. This can be a little scary, considering that data security risks or breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more common.

Companies must prioritize the safety of their data as well as their employees’ privacy. This is where secure collaboration tools have become essential to remote work. Employers want their teams to communicate with a level of security protocols to avoid security risks from hacking. Read more on why you should choose cloud-based solutions and how Fognigma can be a first choice in companies that provide secure teamwork.

Have Remote Workers Work Without Borders

A group of remote workers and/or team members in modern workplaces.

Imagine that you have a company that employs people all over the world. A modern workplace should be able to communicate across different countries, states, and cities. Covert communication software programs like Speakeasy are great ways to have employees connect in real time.

Communicating no matter where you are is great for sharing ideas, holding meetings, talking logistics, and more. The working without borders approach has become bigger than ever. Technology should support this whether they are working five minutes away or halfway across the globe.

Access Projects Anytime, Anywhere with Cloud Communication Software

video conference security

Considering that your workforce can work from anywhere, they should also be able to access their projects at any time.

As long as there is an internet connection, cloud software allows employees to work on a task regardless of the time or device. This can increase completion times, responsiveness, and overall better work. In remote work, team members crave flexibility and freedom to set their work hours. By providing this, companies can create a more content workforce.

Make Cloud Collaboration a Cost-Saving Initiative

A company should always be interested in how a program or service can be cost-saving. Luckily, software solutions like Fognigma are financially savvy and are great for securing your business’s information.

Becoming more online rather than needing a physical infrastructure is cost-saving on its own. You reduce the need for overhead costs as well as travel expenses and more. Virtual meeting capabilities are becoming more and more preferred. It can also help reduce the need to fly someone out to meet with a client or partner, saving on travel expenses.

Enhance Data Security with Cloud Communication Platforms

The most important thing when working with covert communication tools is to keep your data safe. Discussions about work schedules or metrics are confidential and in need of protection. Fognigma uses these programs to help safeguard data and other confidential information to prevent potential breaches.

Customize Your Business with Full Scalability

Freedom and flexibility in your business environment can make your employees content and produce amazing work. This entails the advantage of scalability. You can adjust your usage based on current needs and then scale up or down accordingly, which can help with efficiency and resource management.

Other Ways to Be Safe Online

When working remotely, there are different ways to safely handle project management. Think about doing weekly vulnerability scans, using a VOIP provider, or having video conferences instead of text messaging. These are all simple ways to change your daily work habits to something more protected while you work remotely.

Modern workplaces have so many new features and technology that it is hard to keep up. When you share files, you do not want to be concerned about someone hacking into them. This is where a top security company like Fognigma can help with safer remote work.

Potential Security Risks A Business Can Face Today

When a company or business is remote working, there are tens of thousands of security risks employees could face. Without a secure collaboration platform, sensitive information could be breached. As a result, they may also see strangers getting access management to personal devices.

Ensure that your team is actively learning about security awareness training. This way they will know the proper way to incorporate collaboration tools most safely. Also, annual data breach tests can help maintain security and minimize risks overall. Ask your security teams to install multi-factor authentication on a remote access level so that collaboration tools are safer from potential threats.

When Did Remote Work Start Getting Popular?

A globe wearing a mask to demonstrate communications that were disrupted during COVID19.

Remote work has always been around but it became popular around 2020 when COVID happened. Most workers ended up working from home out of safety from being around other individuals. This is when secure collaboration tools like Speakeasy became essential programs.

Security protocols also became more important than ever. Being able to access management and personal and business information in your home can be risky. Hackers can get into personal devices and business systems if security, such as multi-factor authentication, is not in place. Large and small businesses all over the world were monitoring and focusing on their security more than ever.

Where can Security Services Help?

This is where Fognigma can help safeguard your systems from unknown users. If you do not want to risk your information being an organization’s asset, contact our reliable security team.

Fognigma – The Pioneer of Secure Teamwork on a Cloud Communication Platform

If you are considering taking your online network to more secure heights, Fognigma is a company to consider. We work with organizations that cannot afford to take a risk in data breaches. We have software to ensure their network is as secure as possible.

Whether it is a small business or large, we provide software solutions for any size environment. There are protected solutions for home networks, online meetings, video calls, project management, and more in a secure remote work environment.

We use a zero-trust system with encrypted collaboration tools to save time in monitoring for potential breaches. Our services are more than just adding multi-factor authentication. We ensure that unknown users are not accessing your organization’s information.


The need for secure collaboration tools is clear and present. Security solutions offered by Fognigma emerge as crucial assets for businesses and many users. They are the linchpins in building a robust, secure, and flexible collaborative environment.

If your organization or organizations need help in security or a protected way of communication, reach out to us. We can implement our services for all devices, phone numbers, outdated systems, and more.

Visit to learn more about our encrypted communication solutions. Our services can empower your team with secure, scalable, and secure collaboration tools.