How To Make Sure Your Video Conferences Are Secure

When your entire organization is forced to work remotely, video conferencing is a vital tool for effective communication and collaboration. Many web services are offering free tools to help organizations adapt to this new remote lifestyle, but the increased reliance on video conferences has revealed a major security flaw. 

With more and more organizations switching to a remote work environment, hackers have plenty of new targets and opportunities to access sensitive data – and they’re succeeding. 

This rise in video conferencing attacks has revealed an unavoidable fact: some remote work tools do not have security and privacy. 

Another obvious fact: video conferencing is an essential part of an effective remote work environment. 

So what’s the solution? How do you protect video calls, voice chat, and screen sharing from hackers trying to steal sensitive data? 

Not all video conferencing services are created equal. To ensure your users, data, and communications are secure, follow the guidelines below. 

Video Conferencing Encryption - Fognigma


One simple way you can boost security is to use a service that encrypts audio and video data. In most cases, video conferencing software encryption is extremely efficient and has little to no effect on real-time usability of video conferences. 


Even on a secure server, admins for the service provider may have access to your video conferencing sessions. Some providers also sell user data. Before hosting video conferences make sure you’re in the right hands. 


The best solution to avoid intrusion is to use servers completely owned by your organization. Most collaboration software is cloud-based, simply because it makes data collection easier. With self-hosted video conferencing software, your data isn’t going to a central cloud computing service that can sell it to the highest bidder. Self-hosting allows your organization to have complete control over everything. 

Fognigma Video Conference


Fognigma is a fully encrypted, secure, invisible, traceless network complete with communication and collaboration tools. Fognigma’s video conferencing solution is completely protected by FIPS 140-2 validation, uses cascading AES-256 encryption, runs on servers your organization owns and operates, and is completely private and invisible to everyone but the parties involved.

Ready to ensure your organizations security for remote work? 

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