Spawner Storm: An Introduction

Always Innovating

One key goal of innovation is not always to do something new, but to do something better. The process in which Fognigma communicates with various cloud service providers, leasing and building virtual machines, and uniting those machines to function as one invisible and secure network is new (which is why it’s patented). But we’re not content with just creating an amazing product and then resting on our laurels—we want to continue to make the product evolve into an even better version of itself. We are constantly checking our software and stretching our brains to figure out ways to make it more secure, more undetectable, and more valuable to the customers who use it.

Which is why we created Spawner Storm, a revolutionary and patent-pending method for anonymizing Fognigma Network builds and communications even more. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first describe the issue and then we can showcase Spawner Storm’s technology and how it takes Fognigma Networks to the next level.

Even a Little is Still Too Much Association

When the Fognigma engine builds a network, it sends messages to the cloud service providers communicating the plans to build each virtual machine. Then, the engine continues to talk to the cloud and all the virtual machines. What we realized is because the engine has a set IP address, if anyone could discover some of the virtual machines and see the IP address that was communicating with it, they’d be able to associate all the machines. That is, they could tell the virtual machines were working together and then trace them back to the engine using the discovered IP address of the engine. This sort of association could possibly lead a nefarious third-party right to your Fognigma’s engine’s front door and, from there, learn where your organization is located, your IP address, etc. Even the remote possibility of this happening is not acceptable to us. We had to find a solution.

Suddenly, the sky darkens and thickens with a mass of water-laden clouds. Lighting and thunder tear the sky open and the rain begins to deluge down. The Storm is here.

dissociates communication

Unleash the Spawner Storm

Spawner Storm dissociates the Fognigma engine from its components and build requests like never before. It does so by leveraging our patented Portal Proxy solution. Portal Proxies are unique, on-demand URLs from which users access web services (including internal Fognigma components). Portal Proxies add a singular dissociative layer between the user and the web service (i.e., between the two communicating parties).

What Spawner Storm does is create a mass of Portal Proxies and then passes all the virtual machine build requests and further communications to Fognigma components through those proxies. In one test we performed, we created a Spawner Storm with 200 Portal Proxies through which to pass communications. At the end of the test, the virtual machine we were pinging noted contact with over 60 different IP addresses spread throughout clouds in various locations across the globe.

Spawner Storm ensures that communications between an organization’s Fognigma engine, cloud service providers, and all virtual machines are as scattered as possible to prevent any chance of association.

Working together yet seeming apart is one of the main benefits Fognigma can offer organizations, and Spawner Storm is the newest innovation to make that separation even more separate. For more information on Spawner Storm or Fognigma or to schedule a demo, please contact us here.

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