Fognigma: In Brief

Fognigma Makes Your Communication and Collaboration Invisible

Fognigma is a super-secure communication tool that automatically builds and creates encrypted, cloaked networks (called Mission Partner Networks, or MPNs for short), which allow total protection and anonymity of communication traffic. Basically, with Fognigma, you can communicate with your team without any worry of leaks, hacks, or traces. Fognigma turns you into a communications ninja – strong, undetectable, and able to vanish in an instant.

Your Fognigma-created MPN is a randomly generated set of components which work together and are spread out across multiple clouds. No one can tell where your network exists, because it exists in parts in many places at once. And communication between parts is secured using two layers of AES-256 encryption.

Mission Partner Network
A Mission Partner Network created by Fognigma

At the heart of your network is the Wheel. The Wheel is the central hub where all your communication tools (telephony, voice and video conferencing, chat messaging, file transfer, remote workstations, etc.) live. The Administrator has complete control over which tools are available and to whom.

Data, Users, and Traffic are All Encrypted and Disassociated

Users securely connect to the Wheel by going through an entry point of your network and then through zero to three dissociating joints (depending on how you’ve built your MPN). Dissociating joints help to anonymize your connection and can be located in a different region or cloud. Upon exiting the Wheel, users again go through one or more dissociating joints (also, possibly in different regions or clouds). This makes discovering the actual location of the user impossible.

Encrypted Traffic
Encrypted Data, Traffic, & Users

Data, video, chat, files, speech, and any other information transmitted through a Fognigma-created network go through these same dissociating joints. And the entire network is protected by cascading AES-256 encryption between components.  Also, each Wheel is uniquely keyed, so even if someone could break the encryption of one Wheel, no other Wheels would be compromised.

Fognigma Creates Secure Networks in Mere Minutes

Administrators can use Fognigma to quickly launch a network within minutes. They can monitor use and manage assets, while letting the network handle its own maintenance. The MPN can also randomly move components across regions and clouds to avoid threats. And if you have a less-than-trustworthy contact that needs to be added, it can easily and safely be done (with restrictions on access, so as not to jeopardize your data, users, or network).

And just as fog can come and go in an instant, so can a Fognigma MPN. When it has overstayed its welcome (or as a routine cybersecurity program), an MPN can be completely burned to the ground as if it never existed at all. And no one can ever find what was never there!

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