Command the Cloud with Fognigma Solutions

DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2023 - Booth 837

Portland, Oregon | December 12-14, 2023 
Experience Fognigma's Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software solution at DoDIIS Worldwide 2023, that allow you deploy and control, decentralized, highly secure networks and services in commercial cloud, at unprecedented speed and scale.

DoDIIS Worldwide 2023 Calendar

Connect With Our Experts -Fognigma Booth #837

Live Demos: We will be providing on - site demonstrations at DoDIIS Worldwide 2023, of Fognigma's software solution's that provide globally rapid, on-demand, secure mission partner networks.

Interactive Discussions: Our booth will be featuring fully interactive holographic displays to explore real life scenarios that demonstrate how Fognigma can protect sensitive information. 

Fognigma Product Capabilities

Fognigma's patented stealth technology and low probability of detection approach enables a wide variety ofIntelligence & DoD related missions, including, but not limited to, Open-Source Research, Mission Partner Enviorments, Secure Remote Access, Covert Communications, and more

DoDIIS Worldwide 2023


DODIIS Worldwide 2023 conference will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of intelligence and information technology within the Department of Defense and its affiliated organizations. Fognigma is thrilled to be given this platform to showcase our cutting-edge secure communication solutions. The count down is on.. will you be joining us?

-- particles