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We showcased

The following products

Our products are secure and we are tailoring to the naval industries needs with our following products:

Video Conferencing

When words or files just aren’t enough, your organization needs secure video conferencing. Fognigma’s secure video conference solutions are encrypted and only accessible to the parties involved. While in a video conference, participants can also chat message and share screens.

Fognigma video conferencing is the perfect solution for team-building exercises, mission briefings, and other instances where face-to-face conversation is preferred. With Fognigma, video conferencing can be between trusted and untrusted parties without risking the security of anyone in the group.

While other companies provide video conference solutions, Fognigma is built to be fully encrypted and adaptable to use on any device.

Fully Secure & Encrypted Work Environments


Created on demand, secure remote work environments that are untraceable and invisible. These environments are built across multiple cloud providers to provide a secure space enterprise's can conduct their job responsibilities no matter where they are. Fognigma environments are well-adapted for any situation where secure collaboration, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based environments are required.


Virtual Desktops Allow
Anonymous Internet
Browsing and a Secure
Computing Environment

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) provide single-access, disposable desktop environments which can host many of Fognigma’s encrypted and traceless collaboration components, as well as acting as anonymized entry points into a Fognigma network.

VDIs are used by many types of organizations for added security and privacy, especially useful for organizations conducting Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). VDIs drastically reduce the risks of IP association, malware, and attack when compared to standard computing devices.

While Fognigma VDIs include many standard VDI features, they are a leap forward in technology with many unique and powerful capabilities found only in Fognigma.

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