Secure Remote Desktops

For Any Business. Any Size. Anywhere. 



Let your remote users securely access everything they would in the office.

Proxied Audio

Any audio communicated through Fognigma's desktops are filtered to ensure there are no IP leaks. 


Desktops can be destroyed when no longer needed and spun back up in just a few mouse clicks. 

Shared File Storage

Fognigma remote desktops share a central server that allows users to share files between multiple VDI instances.


Fognigma's desktops allow users to anonymously browse the internet, while appearing to be anywhere in the world. 

Secure USB

Users can securely drag and drop files from a USB without the files ever touching the host computer. 


Each desktop can be completely customized to meet organization's needs. 

Fully Secure & Encrypted Remote Desktops


Fognigma’s secure, invisible, traceless, encrypted, remote, desktops give organizations the benefits and feel a single office location does. Fognigma’s desktops come preloaded with a suite of applications for users to anonymously browse the internet, collect and share information, and appear to be almost anywhere in the world. Users can even share files within desktops and transfer files from a USB onto a desktop without effecting the actual desktop. When desktops are no longer in use, they are destroyed in the click of a mouse leaving no trace that they ever existed. Fognigma desktops give you complete security and invisibility, no matter where your users are.