IITSEC Conference 2022

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Fognigma at Booth #2662

Fognigma showcased our product suite at the IITSEC Conference 2022 from November 28th through December 1st in Orlando, Florida at Booth #2662. Fognigma is a software product that allows organizations to enable change by transforming their training and cybersecurity standards through the use of Mission Partner Environments (MPEs). Fognigma MPEs are agile, rapidly deployable, and ensure that the United States Air Force and other organizations can add advanced cybersecurity capabilities to their infrastructure at a moment’s notice. 

Our turn-key communication solutions for voice, video, chat & messaging, telephony, and data reduce training times while protecting participants, enabling teams to spend more time on urgent objectives instead of learning new technologies and processes or managing administration and logistics. Fognigma facilitates the rapid deployment of on-demand, untraceable, invisible MPEs well adapted to any situation requiring secure collaboration enclaves, encrypted communications, automated encryption services, and invisible cloud-based networks.

Which technologies did we showcase at IITSEC Conference 2022?

iitsec wisp technology

Wisp – Reduced insider threats

Protect your authentication endpoint by decentralizing it with Fognigma’s Wisp technology. Wisp bundles user authentication information into a cloud-hosted microinstance that allows users to access sensitive information and resources without needing to access Fognigma servers directly, protecting infrastructure and other users from malicious inside actors. No outside party can correlate or trace users, and instances can be created, regenerated, and destroyed rapidly as needed. 

iitsec wicket technology

Wicket/Netcutter – Remote access to LAN and private resources

Quickly deploying secure, localized networks is vital for any organization providing training off-location or inviting outside parties to train. Netcutters bridge the gap between Fognigma networks and local infrastructure, allowing users to securely access existing local networks from anywhere, as well as their localized network devices and resources, by simply connecting one end to the Internet and the other to the isolated network. Users accessing the local network will be securely routed through dedicated disassociating entry points, preventing hostile actors from associating user traffic with the isolated network. 

iitsec conference 2022

Holler – Secure, Encrypted Telephony

Holler is a complete, end-to-end encrypted telephony system that can be rapidly deployed within a Fognigma network, providing several unique features to protect user identities, as well as a variety of tools for communicating with trusted and untrusted parties. Through the integration of public SIP providers, Holler allows users to create extensions, call chains, identities, conference calls, and other features using numbers from multiple providers that can be swapped instantly. Holler ensures ensures all calls & texts are secure and private between involved parties and disassociates users. Third parties won’t be able to tell where the call originates, where it ends, or what is said. Holler is protected with two layers of AES-256 encryption.

iitsec speakeasy encrypted communications

Speakeasy – Secure video conferencing solution

Video conferencing is essential in any training regimen, but many popular and accessible solutions lack security. Speakeasy ensures sensitive information shared during training is kept secure from outside threats through encryption and the use of disposable, user-specific access points that prevent users from being correlated with each other or the videoconferencing servers. Speakeasy works with any device and allows users to have conversations with trusted or untrusted parties without risk of direct association or eavesdropping.