AFCEA TechNet Europe 2022

Digitalisation in Defense - Fognima Mission Partner Environments at AFCEA TechNet Europe 2022

Our solutions are tailor-made for future planning and military cyber attack prevention. Fognigma Mission Partner Environments (MPEs) provide clandestine defensive cyber capabilities and secure communication & collaboration tools within your network or third-party entities. Learn more about our Fognigma’s unique MPE solutions by visiting our table at AFCEA TechNet Europe 2022.

Fognigma works directly to meet the ever-growing needs of the U.S. Army, Military, and the industry by offering rapidly deployable, disposable, cloud-based MPEs with voice, chat & messaging, video, telephony, and data communications tools.

Cyber Defense in AFCEA TechNet Europe 2022

Our Solutions - AFCEA TechNet Europe 2022

We will be showcasing the following solutions

Speakeasy Video Conferencing

Military operations require secure, rapid communication between both internal and external parties. Speakeasy offers encrypted videoconferencing sessions that are only accessible to the parties involved. Dedicated disassociating access points prevent users from being correlated with each other or the Speakeasy servers. Speakeasy is rapidly deployable and fully automated, so videoconferencing sessions are always available when needed and can be destroyed when not in use, allowing rapid response for time-sensitive operations requiring telecommunication between trusted and untrusted parties.

Instant Messaging Made Secure

Chat messaging is an essential form of communication between military operations. Fognigma’s chat solutions uses proprietary Conclave technology to automatically encrypt all user messages and files, without requiring any manual efforts from users. Communicate securely with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Fully Secure & Encrypted Work Environments

Create on-demand, secure, remote work environments, that untraceable, invisible, and deployable around the world. Ensure your data, cloud services, and user connections and web activities are protected and prepared for any military or intel situation. Fognigma MPEs provide a secure, dynamic, and scalable environment for encrypted communications, data and file sharing, automated encryption services, and more.

Virtual Desktops

Fognigma’s virtual desktop solutions offer a secure computing environment for anonymous internet browsing with single-access, disposable desktop instances for your cyber defensive initiatives. Desktops are preloaded with different software for any military application. Conduct research, send encrypted messages & files, access Fognigma networks anonymously, and more through secure, misattributing connections.

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Military Rescue Options with Fognigma

Real-world events require US forces to establish data sharing environments with non-traditional partners, with varying levels of trust and operational risks. In a highly contested environment with the potential for equipment loss or capture, every crisis is time-critical. The architecture of Fognigma provides out-of-the-box compatibility with existing local facilities, infrastructures, and environments without endangering them, allowing Fognigma to work for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

How does AI work with Fognigma?

Using Fognigma’s scale and reach to generate datasets for training models. In particular collection of data from hostile actors or risky locations

Use AI to break patterns in operations. Our MA automation in particular. Something as simple as region diversity in exit nodes. AI to self-recover/self-heal – particularly key to the multi-cloud, opensource, large scale nature of a tool like Fognigma.

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