Secure Telephony Solutions

- Use Case -

Scenario Beginning (Surveillance Team)

A surveillance team in two vehicles watches their suspect leave his apartment. Given his pattern of life, he’s probably heading to work on his normal route.

Scenario Beginning (Suspect)

The suspect leaves his apartment using his daily normal routine. He thinks nothing is out of the ordinary.

Scenario Step Two (Surveillance Team)

The team is in position: one in front of the suspect, the other behind. They check in through their secure telephony connection; they are ready.

Scenario Step Two (Suspect)

The suspect continues on his daily routine, but gets a little suspicious when he sees two of the same vehicles in front and behind him.

Scenario End (Surveillance Team)

The lead vehicle begins on the suspect’s daily route; the trail does the same, following the suspect. When the suspect suddenly detours, the team is able to adapt, since their secure telephony helps them stay in constant (and secure) contact

Scenario End (Suspect)

The suspect gets suspicious and takes a random turn out of his usual routine, attempting to throw off the surveillance team. He looks around and re assures himself that he's not being followed.

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