Secure, Encrypted

Reverb provides traceless telephony by hosting calls within Fognigma. Organizations can create encrypted telephone numbers, extensions, and call chains all within their Fognigma-created network. This ensures calls are hidden from the world behind the invisibility of Fognigma.

Reverb secures your calls so they are only between the parties involved in the actual conversation. Third parties won’t be able to tell where the call originates, where it ends, or what is said. Reverb makes sure your conversations stay your conversations.


Placing Secure Phone Calls or Messaging

At its core, our encrypted phone solutions provide a platform for users to access a fully encrypted VoiP software to place secure phone calls & use secure messaging features. 

Create a virtual phone system through Reverb using VOIP telephony. All calls placed in this system are end-to-end encrypted and protected – third parties will not be able to tell where the call originates, where it ends, and what is said during it. Make sure your conversations stay your conversations.
Reverb calls are encrypted with two layers of AES-256 encryption. In-network calls are end-to-end encrypted, while calls into or out of Reverb have the Reverb-portion of the call encrypted.
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Reverb disassociates the caller from the receiver. Whether the call is fully inside, comes from, or ends in Reverb, there is no way to link the caller and receiver together.


Reverb calls can be joined anywhere in the world, safely and securely. Your mission resources are spread out all over the world, and now so is the reach of your traceless telephony.


Reverb works on any device capable of VOIP telephony, whether it’s mobile or desktop-based. Reverb lets you bring your own device with you, wherever your mission may lead.


Reverb is adaptable for your organization’s needs. Adding or removing users, extensions, numbers, etc. is as easy as clicking a mouse.


Call Chain?

Using Reverb, a Handler (1-505-555-1212) uses their personal mobile device to initiate a call.
This call utilizes a U.S. cellular infrastructure to call a U.S. based SIP VOIP phone number (1-212-555-1212).
The U.S. based SIP VOIP resides on Reverb’s PBX in Fognigma.
Reverb intentionally routes the call to a second online SIP VOIP (SIP 2) appearing in Germany (49-555-1212)
SIP 2 continues the chain using German and Belgium local area infrastructure.

The asset in Belgium (32-555-1212) receives the call.


Call Chaining Features


Calls can be routed along call chains going through intermediary numbers that are disassociated from the actual end users.


Calls can also be rerouted at any time to other numbers to provide extra camouflage for call activity.


The receiver never has your direct number. All calls are passed through two intermediary numbers for full identity and location concealment.