Secure Communication While Working Remote

For Your Entire Business. No Matter The Size.

No Matter The Location.



Securely and seamlessly communicate with your entire organization whether users are in the office, at home or on travel. 

Secure Communication - Video Conferencing - Fognigma

Video Conferencing

Virtually communicate face-to-face in trusted and untrusted environments. Fognigma video conferences run entirely on servers your business owns, are completely private, encrypted, and are invisible to everyone but the parties involved. 

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Secure Communication - Encrypted Telephony - Fogngima

Encrypted Telephony

Fognigma's encrypted telephony service uses interchangeable SIP numbers from around the world to provide specialized voice calling configurations for any situation. It also allows users to speak and text with third parties without revealing their true numbers.

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Secure Communication - Group Chat Messaging - Fognigma

Group Chat Messaging

Group chat messages are completely protected by cascading AES-256 encryption. This chat solution can be used anywhere in the world, is easy to use, works on any device running any major operating system and does all the encryption for you.

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A Secure Communication Platform For Remote Work


Fognigma is an easy-to-use, highly secure, and completely private communication platform where organizations can talk, message and video conference while being entirely invisible and untraceable. Whether users are traveling, working remotely or in the office, they can communicate with their entire organization. When any communication session is done or no longer needed, it is destroyed leaving no trace of it ever existing. What is said, who said it, and where they are located is completely hidden, with Fognigma’s secure communication platform.