Portal Proxy

Portal Proxy

Portal Proxies lets admins create unique, on-demand URLs from which users target web services (ex. Fognigma-created network, communication components, other websites, etc.). Portal Proxies offer two distinct advantages:

  1. Disassociating the user from their online destination.
  2. Protecting network connections by leveraging cloud-based, temporary URLs.

Non-Attributable Pathways

Portal Proxies are non-attributable pathways for clients to connect to any web service, including internal Fognigma components and resources. Portal Proxies can be turned on and off at any time – helpful if, for example, they need to be active only during operational hours.

Cloud Based, PaaS Compatible

Portal Proxies are web services built within a commercial Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. Fognigma can provide Portal Proxies hosted on commercial PaaS providers such as Cloud Foundry.

Dynamic Generation

Portal Proxies can be dynamically generated and scaled to provide unique, disassociative access points to any number of users. Once created, Portal Proxies can be edited manually or programmatically. New Portal Proxies are normally ready within minutes, if not seconds, of creation.