Next-Generation Mission Partner Environments

Next-Generation Mission Partner Environments

 Establish on-demand voice, chat & messaging, video, telephony, and data communications within a day. Fognigma’s next generation mission partner environments (MPEs) allow you to establish a unique environment per individual in the partner organization, not just per relationship. These MPEs are fully-owned and operated by your organization, created within hours, and completely disposable. The architecture of Fognigma is designed with MPEs in mind, enabling them to endure malicious use and treacherous exploitation without any consequences to key infrastructure, other users, or missions. 

How It Works

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Step 1 - Install Fognigma

Install Fognigma locally or in the cloud, add accounts from one or more public cloud providers through the Fognigma interface, and begin deploying mission-ready networks and collaboration resources around the world.

Once operational, Fognigma can deploy multiple highly complex, mission-specific networks in well under an hour.

Step 2 - Deploy a Mission Partner Environment

Customize networking and security options from Fognigma’s simple interface in minutes and deploy an MPE suited for any mission. Fognigma automates provisioning of required machines and resources from public cloud infrastructure through a pool of disposable misattribution points and manages all network, security, and resource configurations in the background as the network is being constructed.

Step 3 - Connect & Collaborate Seamlessly & Safely

Connect to the MPE from virtually any device and immediately begin using collaboration tools from anywhere in the world. Per-user access controls allow administrators to limit access for every individual to any combination of network resources.

Step 4 - Burn After Use

When the mission is complete, destroy every trace of the ephemeral MPE with a single click.

Mission Partner Environments in Action: Scenario A

Real-world events require US forces to establish data sharing environments with non-traditional partners, with varying levels of trust and operational risks. In a highly contested environment with the potential for equipment loss or capture, every crisis is time-critical. The architecture of Fognigma provides out-of-the-box compatibility with local facilities, infrastructures, and environments without endangering them.

Key Benefits

benefit 1

Allows users to conduct specific, temporary communication missions on the front line without exposing fixed infrastructure to exterior parties.

benefit 2

Works with virtually any mobile device, legacy devices/systems, and Internet-only workstations like NIPR.

benefit 3

Allows full control of data, without service contracts or shared architecture.

benefit 4

Allows customization of access within a single MPE on a per-user basis, so even users within the same network can be blocked from ever knowing who or what else is there.

benefit 4

Ensures operational safety with resilient, self-preserving architecture that prevents a single point of compromise from affecting resources or users.

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