Start Your Journey Here

1. Migrate to Zero Trust Today:

Extend, supplement, or replace your infrastructure with cloud-hosted Zero Trust networks and cloud-based Zero Trust solutions.

  • Deployed in under a day.
  • Automate IT management.
  • Functions at enterprise scale.
  • Allows self-administration.

2. Deploy Solutions:

Replace or create new security hardened capabilities out-of-the-box, fully integrated, with no configuration needed.

  • Remote desktops
  • Telecommunications 
  • Encrypted voice, data, audio, & video
  • Managed attribution

3. Evolve and Sustain:

Easily evolve existing capabilities into Zero Trust solutions by integrating them into Fognigma services & infrastructure.

Sustain security, scale, anonymity, and a Zero Trust design by developing and deploying new solutions into the Fognigma architecture.

Fognigma Zero Trust Benefits

Segmented enterprise networks restrict lateral movement within enterprise infrastructure.

User solutions and data operate securely in the cloud while the Fognigma software resides on-premise, ensuring complete separation from the control plane and the data plane.

Multi-campus and remote users engage on a common network with per asset identity management and policy.

Fognigma facilitates migration to a Zero Trust strategy without the obligation of third party services or any additional labor.

Technical Features

Access Controls
  • Define network access policies per asset.
  • Segment authentication micro-services per asset.
  • Dedicate service and application URLs per asset.
  • Integrate Active Directory (optional).
Network Security
  • Run two VPNs simultaneously within each network:
    • User services & applications.
    • Infrastructure administration & control.
  • Make networks untraceable from remote network scans.
  • Change network locations every hour.
  • Apply end-to-end encryption throughout the cloud.
  • Use built-in enterprise PKI.
  • Protect against advanced threats with post-quantum cryptography.
Applications & Services
  • Protect all stored or transmitted data with per-asset symmetric encryption.
  • Isolate applications and solutions from each other within the same trust zone or provision them in separate enclaves.
  • Use various Zero Trust-ready communication, collaboration, and security tools:
    • Video conferencing
    • PBX & telecommunication
    • Workplace collaboration
    • Remote desktops
    • Remote network access
    • Data sharing & storage
    • Anonymous Internet browsing