Integration Option 1


Wickets are small and portable pieces of hardware that install between a single phone or computer and your network. They direct all traffic onto a single Mission Partner Network (MPN). They are also the solution used to connect your IoT (Internet of Things) devices onto your MPN – either one per Wicket or as an IoT hive.

Integration Option 2


Gateways are more permanent versions of Wickets, installed between your firewall and router, and allow your entire facility access to your MPN. Gateways also allow access across multiple MPN’s to support and communicate with different groups.

Integration Option 3

Software Client

The Fognigma software client is an easy way to access your MPN using almost any device. It runs on all desktop and mobile devices and all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android).

Integration Option 4

Portal Proxy

Generate unique web addresses for your users to access your MPN and sensitive data, adding even more obfuscation to internet activity and user identity.