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Secure Telephony

Reverb, Fognigma's traceless phone solution, allows users to place fully encrypted phone calls from any device.

Secure Networks & WiFi Connections

Fognigma provides secure networks and WiFi connections using a variety of software and hardware solutions, all wrapped in FIPS 140-2 validated, cascading AES-256 encryption.

Secure Messaging

Chat messaging is quickly replacing email as the most popular method of communication for a variety of reasons.

Enterprise Web Proxies

Fognigma's Portal Proxy solution takes web proxies a step further, providing a two-pronged solution.

Secure File Sharing

Fognigma file share access can be granularly controlled by an organization's administrators.

Secure Video Conferencing

When words or files aren’t enough for your collaboration, you can always rely on face-to-face conversation with encrypted video conferencing.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) provide single-access, disposable desktop environments which can host many of Fognigma's encrypted and traceless collaboration components, as well as acting as anonymized entry points into a Fognigma network.

Automated Encryption Services

Encryption services have been largely unchanged for decades, requiring a lengthy process for you to receive and send public/private keys, all of that has changed with Fognigma's Conclave solution.