Discreetly Communicate With Holler

Simple. Secure. Traceless. Telephony. 

An all-in-one, enterprise-ready telephony solution.



Fully encrypted and completely secure, Holler is a telephony service within Fognigma that leverages interchangeable SIP numbers from around the world to disguise your devices and provide specialized voice calling configurations for any situation. 

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Voice Call & SMS Dissociation

Holler routes voice calls and text messages through intermediary SIP numbers, allowing users to speak to and text third parties without revealing their true numbers, and without any record showing they ever communicated with each other.

Secure messaging

Team Chat Server Integration

When paired with the Fognigma team chat component, Holler can forward SMS messages to and from the chat server. This allows you to create a channel where messages from an external contact are immediately broadcasted to a private channel, allowing a full team to easily monitor the correspondence, while maintaining the appearance of a private conversation.

Globally Accessible

Obfuscation & Global Misattribution

By leveraging global and disposable SIP numbers as call and text intermediaries, Holler ensures complete user anonymity. Your true number is never revealed to a third party, and only approved numbers are allowed to connect to Holler networks. 

Nomadic profile

Built-In Persona Management

Users can create custom personas tied to dedicated SIP numbers to disguise their identities and communicate with untrusted contacts under the protection of Holler and Fognigma. When your contacts dial the dedicated SIP numbers, calls are routed through additional dedicated SIP numbers before getting back to you, so you always know which persona should answer. 

Convenient and Secure Remote Communication


Holler is the perfect solution to ensure your calls and texts are secure, wherever you are. With Holler, complicated communication networks are simple, accessible, and disposable. The Holler interface allows users to create a variety of communication solutions in minutes.

Where your calls are from, where they’re going, and what is said is completely hidden. It’s easy – simply pick up your phone and dial in. 

Holler is mission-ready, and set up, training, and administrative support can be completed remotely.




To use Holler, users simply use their approved devices to dial dedicated SIP numbers, and Holler automatically creates secure communication channels. 

Holler's Discreetly Communicate Capabilities

Flexible and Adaptable


Holler's easy-to-use interface includes an extensive set of features to allow a diverse range of real-world applications, providing flexibility and adaptability for organizations. Create custom telephone networks, extensions, call chains, calling cards, and more – on-demand, anytime, anywhere.